The Shape

On one of the Priory outbuildings is an ivy.

May 2011
I’ve been thinking about shaping it into something.  But I’m not sure what. A hand, a heart, a butterfly?   A leaping, snarling Bengal Tiger?  I’d hoped that as it grew it would become obvious what it ought to be.  For awhile, last year it resembled a robin with its head on the left; it’s tail raised above the door on the right.  (You’ll have to take my word for it).
May 2011
But I began to think that it would make a good ghost with outstretched arms.  Though when I tried to accentuate that it ended up looking more like a chicken (tail still on the right) with an unfortunate growth on it’s back.  Which was disappointing.
August 2011

So I left it to grow …

August 2011
… and then hacked at it again.  Still doesn’t look much like a ghost.  Think I’ll leave it to grow some more.  In time, I want the arms to grow really long.  Might take a while.  Perhaps it’ll become a huge vampire bat!  Or a pterodactyl.  Or a seagull. Or a Pan-Am Clipper Flying Boat. But I suspect, most likely, it’ll remain a shape.  With a hint of chicken.

17 thoughts on “The Shape

  1. Late comer to this 🙂 Why not cut back the right hand section to the same height as the left & then cut it way back in the middle to make a nice heart shape covering both walls?? Just a thought, 🙂


    • Hi Romayne, gosh but you are late to the party. The ivy is now far, far bigger than above. I’ve been meaning to do an update to this post but like so much it’s finding the time. And why do a heart – when I can have a giant chicken?! *chuckle* Dave


      • LOL – you’ve probably guessed by now I’ve gone right back to the start of your blog & working my way forward mainly for your superb photos as much as that mad/funny SoH you have!! 🙂 Thanks for updating me too on the bonsai – no rush – I’m prob going to have to wait until my hand heals more before I worry about adding too many more wee things to my collection – my brother despairs every visit when he sees yet one more bonsai tree popping up in the yard!! I just feign ignorance & like the wife with a new outfit say “New?? – Nahhh I’ve had that one a LONG time – you must have missed it before!” 🙂 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • Oh dear. Aren’t you brave? I read some of my old posts and want to simply delete them, I hope I’ve learnt quite a bit from four years of blogging. Some of my old stuff I really like but so, so much just makes me cringe. If I had the time or inclination I’d do some serious editing. But thank you. And here you go. Have a little medal. A medal for services far beyond the call of duty. D


  2. Hmm, I suspect simples is the way forward, Sara, simples. I'm thinking a cloudy-henlike thing would work.

    Mwahahahaha (that's my evil laugh – in case you wondered). Messing with your minds, I am, yessss, mwahahahaha …. (doesn't look the slightest like a teapot, Stacy. Very sorry – wrong answer. NEXT!) mwahahahahaha.



  3. Wow–what a Rorschach blot test this has turned out to be. Are you messing with our minds? (I think the lower photo looks a bit like a teapot, with the spout on the right. But that might just be early morning wishful thinking.)


  4. Hi Helen, no need to apologise. I like the top photo too. Perhaps it'll revert to the amorphous robin. Who knows (or indeed cares)?

    Bridget, woooooo, wooooooo, wooooo – scary, huh? Thank you for being the only one to see ghostly potential.

    Hi Trevor, I think it's time for you to come in from the hot sun and lie down in this cool, darkened room. There, there – that's OK. The scary metamorphosing giraffe has gone away …..

    Hi GS, hmm peacock, eh? Yeah, I can sort of see that but not the child. More like a football to my eye. My ivy cutting skills obviously need some work.



  5. Break it to me gently Janet, why don't you? I like your certainty and will argue the point no further (a child indeed. Bah!).

    Faisal, I think you mean 'Amorphous, Recalcitrant and Rebellious Robin No. 1.' Be assured, you may like whichever shape you wish. (I was terribly sorry to hear about your devastating garden nightmare. Bad luck, indeed!)

    Hi Boys, hmmm not sure I see the swan but hey what do I know! Which I guess proves your point. The ivy is actually clipped to stop it growing into the roof tiles (again) …..

    Hi Petra, you're obviously a very clever Lady for thinking it a very clever idea!



  6. Or a swan, if you envisage the right side as the head 🙂 but that's the nice bit about this, you can leave it to the visitor's imagination. It doesn't matter too much really, at least the ivy is clipped and tidy looking.


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