I Will Be Master Here # 2

These Dahlia Tubers have important information that I require.

When they talk, I’ll cut them down.  But not before.  Not before.

15 thoughts on “I Will Be Master Here # 2

  1. Hi Andrea, no just generally grumpy megalomania! No specific reason.

    Hmm, you just had to get that in didn't ya? That your dahlias were still flowering. Humph. Makes me even grumpier. But yes, that wooden beam is handy – though I used it last year and still managed to lose quite a few tubers to rot. (Think I mentioned that to you a few months back). Going to make doubly sure they're dry this year.


    P.S. I'm really very happy that your dahlias are still flowering. No really. Honest I am.


  2. Oooh, that's neat. I wish I had some wooden beams to hang some tubers from. Of course, mine are still flowering, so I haven't managed to force myself to dig them up yet, but I don't think hanging them from the roof of an aluminium greenhouse will have quite the same effect… Which is a little David Lynch…


  3. Hehe, well I didn't like to say anything. Just assumed you were having a moment! And get you with your iPad. There's posh!


  4. See this iPad?! It always thinks it knows better than I do. But it comes up with some funny phrases sometimes. Note to self. Read comments before hitting button!


  5. Hi Elaine, no – I'm only hanging them up in order for them to dry out (they had wet soil between the tuber 'fingers' and this will cause rot if not dried and then removed). Once they're wholly dry, and had all the soil brushed off, I'll wrap them in newspaper and store in a box in a cool, dry outhouse. Hopefully they'll be fine then for replanting in the spring. But to answer your question, yes the greenhouse is heated.



  6. Oh, OK Boys as you asked so nicely. Consider it done. (They were never gonna talk anyway).

    Tubers, corms, bulbs, rhizomes – in fact most geophytes, Stacy. But watch out for Faisal! (I see you found IWBMH#1).

    They just begged a photo, Petra – strung up to dry like that.

    Hi Bom, undoubtedly true but these are only dahlia tubers, eh?

    Dahlia Liberation Front or Liberation Front of Dahlias, Faisal? And what have dahlias ever done for US? OK, OK already. They're released. Touchy or what?!?



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