Astrophytum myriostigma

My brain buzzes with thoughts of my new house: a new kitchen and bathroom to plan; a small (hurrah!) garden to design; installation of a woodburner and log store; shelves and storage solutions; furniture to buy; and tantalisingly, tucked up under the eaves like a monk's cell, a study.  My first.  We haven't moved yet … Continue reading Astrophytum myriostigma

Still Here, Still Gardening

Or at least, I've been gardening as much as I possibly can. It is still very, very wet here in Sussex - I can't do as much as I'd like to do.  Or need to do. When it has been dry enough, I've cut back various beds and mulched with my rather lovely, two-year old … Continue reading Still Here, Still Gardening

Flowering Lithops

It was only as I was damping down one of the greenhouses that I noticed the flowers. For most of the year, my lithops sit in their pots like well behaved little pebble plants or living stones (their other names). But in autumn, having spent several months doing very little, their time in the limelight … Continue reading Flowering Lithops

A Bargain

A few months ago I was visiting a well known Swedish furniture store and spotted a sickly Ficus with half a dozen leaves and a dejected air.  It was reduced by about twenty quid to a fiver.  "Bargain," I thought and whisked it away home.   We nurtured it back to health.  It grew more … Continue reading A Bargain

Priory Picture Post # 7

The flowers of Echeveria albicans.  Looking good enough to eat - though they are probably horribly poisonous.                                                                             ooOoo   These last few days, I have been smugly purring to myself (in my best George Sanders*)   because my daily stats have skyrocketed.  From a few dozen a day they have gone up to well over … Continue reading Priory Picture Post # 7

The Greenhouse …

... sits at the highest point of the garden (if there's a strong north wind and I stand on tiptoe, I can get mobile reception up here.  Sometimes).  It is here that I run to when the weather is inclement.  It is here that I take my breaks - if it's too hot inside, I'll … Continue reading The Greenhouse …