Reblogging The Pale Tussock Moth

I've never reblogged a post before, never thought much about doing so ... until I read the free and very useful WordPress e-book, Grow Your Traffic, Build Your Blog, and decided to follow one of its many tips on all things blogging.  After all, many of you won't have read my stuff from several years … Continue reading Reblogging The Pale Tussock Moth

Pale Tussock Moth

The caterpillar of the Pale Tussock Moth (Calliteara pudibunda) is large and very visible; which is just as well.  Otherwise, I would have trundled over this one with the ride-on mower. It seemed out of place somehow and far too exotic for a Sussex garden. The caterpillars feed on a range of tree leaves including … Continue reading Pale Tussock Moth