The Fox And The Crow

We feed crows.  We don't go out much, so we feed crows.  Any scraps that used to go to the chickens now go to the crows. They are generally grateful but sometimes our offerings aren't quite to their liking.  Stale bread, for example, is patiently collected, bit by bit, until a good bill full is … Continue reading The Fox And The Crow

The Fox And The Duck

I was packing up after work today, when I heard an almighty racket from out on the meadow.  I grabbed my camera and ran round the house to see what on earth was going on. I couldn't see anything untoward at first, but then I caught a glimpse of burnt orange amongst the meadow-grass; a … Continue reading The Fox And The Duck

At Home With The Girls

Jim and I recently took possession of three chickens; Rhoda, Isla and Red.  They had come to the end of their productive egg-laying farm life and were to be made into dog food.  Instead, for the princely sum of one pound each, they came to live in our garden.  They moved into a hutch-type-thing that … Continue reading At Home With The Girls