The Rhine Cycle Route: Mainz to Cologne

In 1979, with my best friend Colin, I cycled from Hook of Holland across the Netherlands and into Germany.  We carried on pedalling to the Rhine near Koblenz and continued south along the river, past Mainz to Worms; where we camped for one night before heading for home via Luxembourg, Brussels and the port of Zeebrugge.   In … Continue reading The Rhine Cycle Route: Mainz to Cologne

And Quiet Flows The Spree

I didn't intend to impose my holiday snaps on you.  Indeed for the first day or two of my recent cycling trip to Germany, I didn't even take a photo. But when a bird of prey glided past with a rat the size of a small child in its talons, my shutter finger itched.  And … Continue reading And Quiet Flows The Spree