A Real Pretty Display

I’m so proud ……

At least good old Viburnam bobnantense has come up trumps.  And the scent knocks you sideways.  (In a good way).

6 thoughts on “A Real Pretty Display

  1. No. They're actually ex freerange. But their usefulness was coming to an end and they were going to end up as petfood so (despite being stared at closely, for most of the day, by Solo the terrier) I think they're jolly happy to be with us.

    We've had ex-battery before (Ripley, Elliot and Aunt Julie) so it was a little odd having these ones. They weren't pecked half naked, they weren't scared to be outside and they haven't stopped laying since arrival.

    I don't quite remember a family meeting where the keeping of hens was even on the agenda, let alone subject to a vote and passed but I'm very happy that there here now.

    They're in a movable run so are being put to work clearing some heavily weed infested borders! Go girls, go!


  2. Thanks for popping over Karen. I took possession of three rescue hens on Saturday – so I will be a regular visitor over at your blog.

    Hope I didn't dampen your artichoke fervour!


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