Away Awhile

I’m going away for a few day to walk in a circle.  It’s quite a big circle otherwise I needn’t leave the warm confines  of the greenhouse.  It’s a 150 miles of circle.  It starts in Scarborough and finishes in …. well, I would hope you can guess.
When I planned the walk back in December, it seemed a jolly exciting and challenging prospect.   Now it just seems a jolly tiring and challenging prospect.
The walk is called the Cleveland Way, with an extra 50 mile bit, The Tabular Hills Walk, tacked on.
I first saw this public information film about the ‘Way, when I was a young kid in the early 70’s.  For some reason it really stuck with me; all that talk of Vikings and Witches I suppose.  (When I recently discovered it on YouTube, I found  I even remembered certain lines of the script .  Although I’ve never literally needed “a swift horse to York”, it is a phrase I can’t help but use quite often.  Goodness only knows what “the geography of peace” means however).
Years later as a young lad of 18, I hitchhiked from my home in Hertfordshire to Yorkshire in order to walk it.  Now I’m off to walk it again.  Not sure why.  Clutching at the past?  Because it’s there?  Because I still can?  Because I want to?  All of those I guess.
I’ll be back in ten days or so, I expect.  Toodle pip.

10 thoughts on “Away Awhile

  1. Blimey – where to start …..

    Alison, wow you and your secretive Yorkshire weather. It was sooo beautiful and because it was so early in the season, I pretty much had the moors to myself. (I know who you are now, Ms Ryan!! I have some great B&W photos of you circa 1983, with Pete, Ushi and me. I think the lack of black eye makeup and piled up hair was a problem for me in recognising you! That and the name change).

    Hi HG, er quite sore actually but worth every step.

    Karin, no neither of those but loads of red grouse which had me chuckling with their funny calls and clutching my heart when they exploded into flight from under my feet.

    Hi Petra and Simon, yes. I did thank you. It was a real challenge especially on two of the days where I had to walk 22 miles and 24 miles because of difficulties with booking advance accommodation. But sometimes it's pretty character building to be reduced to tears whilst attempting something. Isn't it?

    Hi Jason, well. The legs held up as much as the rest of the shaky old frame really.

    Hi Hillwards, Whitby was closed to me. No one would take a one night booking at a weekend in advance and in the event there were no rooms available when I arrived because it was the Goth weekend. Who knew. So many Goths??? Interesting to gaze at though. And yeah, amazingly lucky with the weather. Made me grin virtually the whole walk. When I finally finished at Scarborough, I was ready to go around again.

    Hey Andrew, you can't say that about Scarborough – and you a Yorkshireman to boot!! Can't believe saucy seaside postcards are no longer being printed (or so I was told). Really sad. So I scooped up a few (though some were too rude – even for me to send. Really). House in several pieces. Sigh.

    Hey, my lovely, lovely Lara – I'm done. Well and truly done. About to have my first bath in our new bathroom. Phew. I need it ………..



  2. Hi Dave,

    Finally found the comments bit, that will teach me not to scroll to the bottom!!

    Great to hear from you upon reaching scabby Scarborough, sounds like you had a lovely long walk, with my short legs, it would have taken me twice the time to do that distance!

    Thanks for the postcard and the “testimonials” I love those old postcards, the ruder the better.

    See you in Sissy next week, big hugs and I hope your house is still in one piece xx


  3. Sounds amazing – look forward to lots of pictures on your return. Should be a fabulous walk. Coincidentally we drove up to Whitby for a few days towards the end of last week (and I'm only just catching up with what the world was up to in our absence)… Looks like you may have been rather lucky with the weather?!


  4. Have a wonderful time! When I was younger I thought of hiking a well known trail here (it takes a couple of months) but I could never get away from my job that long. Now I'm not in shape! I hope you feel very accomplished and have lots of tales when you return. And that you're not sore!


  5. Hello David

    I do hope that you have a lovely time and the weather is good for you – we have been a little bit variable in Yorks of late – as is the norm.

    Today was lovely and sunny though and I actually got in my garden for a bit of a tidy up.



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