A Look Back At Winter

What a long and cold, tedious winter that was.  Spring is arriving in The Priory gardens, but I thought I’d buck the seasonal blogging trend of crocuses and primulas and daffodils; and subject you, instead, for a little longer at least, to more snow and wintry scenes.  Sorry.  And then I promise, I will bid winter a long-overdue, “bye-bye, close the door on your way out and don’t hurry back” farewell.  In the meantime, here are some photos from January that I didn’t get round to posting.


From up on the drive, the Priory in its own snow-covered, frost pocket.


Faulty guttering has a benefit.


The east lawn unsullied by this gardener’s footprints.


Unloved (by me) conifers looking better than at any other time of the year.


The frozen, slush-puppy east pond


with duckweed providing a splash of mint-green in an otherwise monochrome landscape.


My favourite oak


and looking back again


before I reach the old footbridge.


Over the bridge and into a corner of the meadow where I have planted a clutch of bamboos (to help hide a wooden, electric power post).  Partially flattened by snowfall, they sprang back when I brushed it off with a broom.


The meadow fast asleep and (almost) imperceptibly snoring.


Looking north over the west lawn to the meadow beyond with


the beech-hedge arches behind me.


Apart from the occasional blackbird alarm call – and the crunching of snow under foot – the gardens were silent;


the surrounding fields and woods too.


And then, briefly, the sun prised apart that sombre, gunmetal cloud and ignited the eastern sky.  (Oops – there goes my weekly purple prose allowance).

OK, there you go.  Enough already.  Snow, snow, ice, ice, cold, cold.  I think we can all agree that that is quite enough of winter – thank you very much. And anyhow, it’s time to get on with some gardening.


But before I go, I’ll relent. Spring flowers did eventually heed my drumming fingertips. Both these drifts of daffodils are ‘February Gold‘ – flowering here on 11th April.

The garden won’t be rushed.

44 thoughts on “A Look Back At Winter

  1. Great images but it’s good to be looking at them with the warm sunshine streaming through the window. It’s good to be able to say goodbye to winter, I think we’ve all had enough of it. Fortunately my garden and plot are looking more spring-like now but everything is about 4-6 weeks behind. My crab apple won’t be in blossom until May which is really late. Sorry for my tardy response, I’m only just managing to keep up with everything at the moment.


    • Hi WW, this all seems like a distant memory now – which of course it is. And please don’t worry about a tardy response – I’m grateful for anyone who visits and especially takes the time to comment. Dave


  2. Beautiful, Dave — much more photogenic than the blowing dust we’re dealing with here, if you can believe it. Whoever named those daffodils seems to have been a bit of a tease.


    • Hi Stacy, blowing dust so soon? At least your garden must be sheltered enough to spare you most of that – I should have thought. February Gold never flower for me in February, to be fair, but usually it is early March at least. Dave


      • Sooooo much blowing dust, Dave — highways closed south of here for 100 miles b/c of no visibility/strong cross winds. The garden is holding up better than us humans! I didn’t know it was possible to be thirsty while drinking a glass of water.


        • Blimey – that does sound pretty much ‘dust-bowl’. I heard that some roads in Scotland had been closed because of wind-blown topsoil making them impassable. Keep drinking, Stacy; keep drinking, Dave


  3. Stunning photos of a winter that lasted far too long! Thank goodness the temperatures are now rising and the flowers opening at last, a good month at least behind last year.


  4. Hmmmm….inspired to go & wreck the guttering this weekend in the hope of some equally spectacular ice formations like yours. Thanks for that 🙂


  5. Beautiful, stunning photos and I just loved the way you popped in the picture of spring at the end. Please try and increase your weekly ‘purple prose’ allowance, it’s wonderful.


  6. Beautiful pics Dave, impressive indeed but now, please, give up with snowy pictures, I beg you.
    NB I wrote a post where I reported something you wrote last year (that revealed itself to be a terrible bluff! you scared me for nothing ….@#**….!!!!!), please let me know if there’s anything you want me to change, or correct or unlink.


  7. Ah, trees do wear winter well, with a proper coat of snow. And those icicles were stunning. Yet I am so so so ready for spring now, and lapping up every new glimpse of colour as it emerges.


  8. The sun is shining here today so looking at your snowy pictures didnt make me shiver. Snow and ice are quite beautiful if you dont have to go out in it or it prevents you from doing what you want. I suspect we will have to get used to more snowy winters in the future


    • Hi Faisal, despite the above photos we didn’t have as much snow as last year. Just grey clouds and freezing temperatures and then rain for weeks on end. It was all a bit dispiriting really. Very glad it’s all over with. Dave


  9. Here in SE Qld we are having warm Autumn sunshine again after what seems like weeks of overcast skies and rain. Best time of the year. Thank you for the beautiful photos. No matter where we are in the world Nature can be so generous.


    • Hi Christine, I love autumn too but I’d like a little bit of Spring and Summer before we get there! Rain must be good for you there I would have thought? After that terrible summer? Dave


  10. I loved your look back. Winter was hard and long this year, but your photos are quite lovely. I enjoyed looking at them. It helps that today was the first real sunny day when you could get out into the garden and enjoy it.


  11. Definitely worth sharing, beautiful photos, those icicles are magical. Are you sure it was the meadow snoring? it might have been dwarves. Sleeping in caves under the meadow. It would be easy to confuse the two. Just sayin…


  12. We have just had a perfect summer day – sunshine, blue sky, heat; it even smelt like summer. So strangely I really enjoyed looking at all those lovely pictures of snow – in a nice nostalgic, far-away type of mood.


  13. It does change the look of a garden doesn’t it but I’m glad it has all gone now – it definitely outstayed it’s welcome. Now for spring fresh greens and blue skies – just the way it should be, albeit a little late.


  14. The garden won’t be rushed. How true. I look at pictures of my garden last year full of tiny scarlet tulips and wonder where there are this year! It really is time for warmth and sunshine.


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