Butterfly Conservation Half Price Membership Offer

Who wouldn’t want to see more butterflies in their garden?  (I’ll ignore the gentleman at the back, raising his hand).

(Just some of the moth and butterfly species in ‘my’ gardens)

Well, they’re really quite easy to attract.  For example, you could plant cabbages: you’ll get flurries of cabbage whites.  Not what you had in mind?  Then simply plant nectar rich flowers.  (In the above photos, six different butterflies are feeding on Verbena bonariensis – a great food source).   And if you have the space leave an area of garden wild: both small tortoiseshell and peacock caterpillars feed on nettles.

Eyed Hawk-moth

Eyed Hawk-moth

And another way of helping to increase both moth and butterfly numbers is by joining the charity Butterfly Conservation – one of the largest insect conservation organisations in the world.  Until 31st May 2015, and to herald the onset of spring, Butterfly Conservation are offering half price membership.  Under this offer, single membership for the first year is just £1.25 per month.   For that you’ll help conserve endangered species and their habitat; and add your voice to various campaigns on wider environmental issues.  As a member you’ll receive a pack of butterfly-food flower seeds and all this too:

  • Member only gardening book written by Kate Bradbury
  • A welcome pack with membership card, set of collectable postcards and useful information
  • Butterfly magazine three times a year, packed with fascinating features and stunning photos
  • Essential advice on gardening for butterflies and moths
  • Regular e-newsletters with the latest news, info and offers
  • Membership of your local branch, with regular newsletters
  • Invitations to local guided walks, talks, conservation action days and social events

To join, click on this link – Butterfly Conservation Website – and enter the code GARDEN1550.

Oh, almost forgot – you get a free car sticker too.

Bear With Me

I haven’t posted for a while.


I’ve been busy with some non-blogging stuff … and intently studying a wasp nest on the east lawn.


Excavation continues and it’s getting bigger.  And bigger.  As you might suppose, mowing operations have been diverted.



I’ve been distracted too by the sheer number of butterflies on the new verbena beds.


A Comma

There is a wide selection of species.


Painted Lady

Including a long distance migrant, the Painted Lady, which I haven’t seen before.

I’ve also been away on a short holiday.  And I’m about to go off again – on a cycling tour of Germany.  Which sounds very tiring.  I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with steely calves … or ones of jelly.



When I return, I’ll do a post about the tropical border.  I’ve been quite pleased with it this year.  (If only because it almost hides that huge satellite dish).

Until normal service is resumed, I’ll raise a bratwurst to you.  Wiedersehen.