Butterfly Conservation Half Price Membership Offer

Who wouldn't want to see more butterflies in their garden?  (I'll ignore the gentleman at the back, raising his hand). (Just some of the moth and butterfly species in 'my' gardens) Well, they're really quite easy to attract.  For example, you could plant cabbages: you'll get flurries of cabbage whites.  Not what you had in … Continue reading Butterfly Conservation Half Price Membership Offer

Bear With Me

I haven't posted for a while.I've been busy with some non-blogging stuff ... and intently studying a wasp nest on the east lawn.Excavation continues and it's getting bigger.  And bigger.  As you might suppose, mowing operations have been diverted.I've been distracted too by the sheer number of butterflies on the new verbena beds.There is a … Continue reading Bear With Me

Big Butterfly Count

The charity Butterfly Conservation is holding its annual Big Butterfly Count - the biggest butterfly survey in the world. Starting today and running until 10th August, this is an easy and fun opportunity to help butterfly and moth conservation in the UK. If you'd like to take part, simply wait for a sunny spell and … Continue reading Big Butterfly Count

Butterfly Conservation Membership Offer

When I took the job as gardener at the Priory one of my primary aims was to help sustain the rich wildlife in the gardens and, if possible, to attract even more. And like most people, I was particularly keen to attract as many butterflies as possible. Adding certain plants for butterflies to feed on, … Continue reading Butterfly Conservation Membership Offer