Bear With Me

I haven’t posted for a while.


I’ve been busy with some non-blogging stuff … and intently studying a wasp nest on the east lawn.


Excavation continues and it’s getting bigger.  And bigger.  As you might suppose, mowing operations have been diverted.



I’ve been distracted too by the sheer number of butterflies on the new verbena beds.


A Comma

There is a wide selection of species.


Painted Lady

Including a long distance migrant, the Painted Lady, which I haven’t seen before.

I’ve also been away on a short holiday.  And I’m about to go off again – on a cycling tour of Germany.  Which sounds very tiring.  I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with steely calves … or ones of jelly.



When I return, I’ll do a post about the tropical border.  I’ve been quite pleased with it this year.  (If only because it almost hides that huge satellite dish).

Until normal service is resumed, I’ll raise a bratwurst to you.  Wiedersehen.

27 thoughts on “Bear With Me

  1. Freewheeling through Germany sounds idyllic – hope the weather stays dry for you! I have plenty of bees, wasps but (thankfully) no nest and only cabbage whites (and their offspring) drawn in by my neighbour’s brassica monoculture. I must remember to sow lots of verbena b for next year, see if I can’t diversify a bit. Looking forward to reading about the tropical border, presumably the satellite dish is the star during the winter months?


    • Hi Caro, is your neighbour’s brassica monoculture done to rile you, do you think? It seems to be working. Germany was idyllic thank you – but shhh, I’m trying to keep how wonderful it is a secret. During the winter I wrap the satellite dish in tinsel and fairy lights. So yes, it is most certainly the star and draws the eye beautifully. D


  2. I find the Verbena attract more butterflies than almost anything else in the garden. I find it hard to believe you have time for a holiday at this time of year! Enjoy your hike.


    • I don’t really have the time at this time of year, Christina. Anything but … but having a school age boy means we are restricted when we can go away. No hiking, but cycling thoroughly enjoyed thanks. D


  3. Have a great vacation, beer and brats sounds great…. repeat as necessary!
    I’m fascinated by the wasp nests too, they keep growing and growing, but when I leave them I have no defense against wiser family members who point the finger at me for every stung child.
    Looking forward to the tropical update. I like the touch of blue.


    • Hello Janet/Plantaliscious (hadn’t noticed that twinning of your 2 names before. It sounds rather cool if a little saucy), hurricane Bertha gave the tropical border quite a whack whilst I was away so I’ll see what I can salvage photo-wise. Beer enjoyed thanks *staressadlyattummy*


  4. I didn’t realise wasps burrowed to make nests I always thought they made those big paper balls for nesting. Fascinating. Your tropical border has been really successful this year – a triumph I would say. Enjoy your break – cycling round Germany sounds a very manly thing to do – I expect to see pictures of your calf muscles on your return.


    • Hi Elaine, we also have an enormous underground wasp nest in our own garden. It is much larger than the one above – I must take some photos. And please don’t worry – I won’t inflict photos of my calves on anyone. Dave


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