The Romantic Road: Cycling Across Bavaria

Can you believe it's been over six years since Jim and I cycled along the Rhine from Mainz to Cologne? Why, we were practically children. Just one of countless castles on the Rhine, summer 2016 On that occasion it was the sheer number and variety of castles that stick in my mind. And on the … Continue reading The Romantic Road: Cycling Across Bavaria

The Rhine Cycle Route: Mainz to Cologne

In 1979, with my best friend Colin, I cycled from Hook of Holland across the Netherlands and into Germany.  We carried on pedalling to the Rhine near Koblenz and continued south along the river, past Mainz to Worms; where we camped for one night before heading for home via Luxembourg, Brussels and the port of Zeebrugge.   In … Continue reading The Rhine Cycle Route: Mainz to Cologne

And Quiet Flows The Spree

I didn't intend to impose my holiday snaps on you.  Indeed for the first day or two of my recent cycling trip to Germany, I didn't even take a photo. But when a bird of prey glided past with a rat the size of a small child in its talons, my shutter finger itched.  And … Continue reading And Quiet Flows The Spree