Flowering Lithops

It was only as I was damping down one of the greenhouses that I noticed the flowers. For most of the year, my lithops sit in their pots like well behaved little pebble plants or living stones (their other names). But in autumn, having spent several months doing very little, their time in the limelight … Continue reading Flowering Lithops

Where’s Spring?

Early April was so hot and so sunny that I screened the south-side of the greenhouse with netting. The nine automatic wall and roof vents cool it a little but it still gets terrifically hot in there.  Of course, as soon as I finished stapling the netting into place, the sun slid behind ... ... … Continue reading Where’s Spring?

Flowering Stones

Over the past week, I've been keeping a beady eye on one of my lithops. Very intently.  Because ... ... it's been gearing up to flower. Each day I've willed it on, urged it on, cheered it on, until, huzza!  It did the deed and threw itself open. Welcome, my little lovelies, welcome.  It's been worth … Continue reading Flowering Stones

The Greenhouse …

... sits at the highest point of the garden (if there's a strong north wind and I stand on tiptoe, I can get mobile reception up here.  Sometimes).  It is here that I run to when the weather is inclement.  It is here that I take my breaks - if it's too hot inside, I'll … Continue reading The Greenhouse …