The Priory In June

I will be leaving Sussex and The Priory very soon.  And if I'm excited about my future life in a different part of England, my lower lip trembles sometimes at the thought of leaving this garden; a garden in which I've spent hundreds and hundreds of my days.  (By a rough calculation, more than 1500). … Continue reading The Priory In June

Slug Feeder

This cool, wet "summer" has been fabulous for our slug and snail chums.  And I've learnt that I'm really good at something.   (What a relief that is).  I'm simply brilliant at feeding slugs. I can grow a constant supply of slug food;  my repeated sowings of radishes and salad leaves have been much appreciated … Continue reading Slug Feeder

Priory Picture Post # 1

I take many photos of The Priory; and often I'll end up with a nice shot of something or other which won't necessarily fit into a 'post story.'  So I thought I'd start the "Priory Picture Post" series: a quick-fire, occasional series with a photo and perhaps a few words.   To get the ball rolling, … Continue reading Priory Picture Post # 1