Priory Picture Post # 1

I take many photos of The Priory; and often I’ll end up with a nice shot of something or other which won’t necessarily fit into a ‘post story.’  So I thought I’d start the “Priory Picture Post” series: a quick-fire, occasional series with a photo and perhaps a few words.   To get the ball rolling, here’s number one.

 An unknown rose.  Might it be Scharlachglut?

8 thoughts on “Priory Picture Post # 1

  1. Hi Andrew, cheers pal. Will do!!!

    Not sure Stacy. Scharlachglut might have the edge. Scharlachglut. See? Can't stop saying it. Scharlachglut. Scharlachglut.

    Cyber-limbo will, sadly, remain a dark mystery to us all as my draft never rematerialized. Am feverishly re-writing.

    Hi Jason, copy away. Please. If it happens again I think I will. I think I will.


  2. What a great idea! I have a squillion orphan pictures that have yet to see the light of day so perhaps a weekly picture post would be the way forward – mind if I copy??
    Katherine was having problems with Blogger too; perhaps all blogger users should move over to WordPress in protest.


  3. Preternatural is a very good word for that rose–possibly even better than Scharlachglut. Gorgeous photo–and amazing light. Who knew even thorns could glow?

    Oh, how frustrating to lose a draft–I hope it returns soon, with stories of its time in cyber-limbo to entertain you with.


  4. Lovely picture, not sure if it is not a rambling rose as you are all going on about your blogging!! Sorry, I never really understood what you do, just like to read all your comments and see Dave's fab photos.

    Keep up the good work x


  5. Hi Petra, how infuriating that you lost a whole post, especially a published one. At least mine was only a draft albeit a long, almost complete one. I was hoping it would still magically reappear but I'm beginning to realise that that isn't going to happen. Back to business indeed. Tally ho!!

    Hi Janet, yeah it has been annoying – though I seem to have lost less than others e.g. Petra!

    Hi GS, good word – preternatural (which I had to look up). Glad you got your post back.


  6. Really annoying to be Blogger-less, but agreed even more annoying to have lost posts. My last published post disappeared with little hope for it to be restored. Only a very old draft remained….grrrr. Thankfully, for the published posts, you can find them again if you signed up for your own RSS feed and/or Google Reader.

    Back to business though, lovely rose!!! Look forward to seeing more of Mrs/Ms Priory…


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