I Capsize The Island

Three or four years ago, I planted a little corkscrew willow on a little island in the east pond.  Which isn't news; I've written about it before. The little tree liked its little island-home, flourished and grew quickly - as corkscrew willows (Salix matsudana 'Tortuosa') are prone to do anyway.  And it formed a nice … Continue reading I Capsize The Island


On the west pond is an island.  It is perhaps ten paces across, with a weeping willow and several alders.  For most of the year, I leave it be; ... a refuge for moorhen, mallard and, very rarely, kingfisher. But, back in July, I pulled on my (leaky-cold-trickle-down-the-back-of-left-leg) waders and ventured out with the strimmer. … Continue reading Islands