Almost Wordless Wednesday: That Darn Owl

I don't see him very often but when I do, the Priory tawny owl brightens up my day. He'd be so much easier to photograph if he roosted in a less twiggy tree. But he likes his lofty, camouflaged perch and my focusing challenge just puts a twinkle in his eye.

The Tawny Owl

I joined the Priory in the summer of 2008 and since then, I have regularly heard the call of a male tawny owl.  From late morning until I go home, the magical hoo-hoo of that owl has both delighted me and driven me nuts.  I've stopped work, I've run for my camera and I've stalked … Continue reading The Tawny Owl

New Residents at the Priory

You may remember that I built a nest box for a tawny owl.  And you may remember that last year rather than a tawny owl, a pair of wood pigeon nested in it.  Grrrr. This year, each time I walk past the 'box, I throw it a little sidelong glance to see whether there is … Continue reading New Residents at the Priory

I Do Like An Owl

There is an owl at the Priory.  It's a tawny owl and I hear it regularly.  From as early as midday  it hoots, often when I'm deep in thought (wondering what I am going to have for my tea) making me jump out of my skin.  (Did I mention that I work alone).   Perched … Continue reading I Do Like An Owl