New Residents at the Priory

You may remember that I built a nest box for a tawny owl.  And you may remember that last year rather than a tawny owl, a pair of wood pigeon nested in it.  Grrrr.

This year, each time I walk past the ‘box, I throw it a little sidelong glance to see whether there is any sign of usage.  And today there was.  Though sadly not an owl.

I couldn’t quite recognize the species until later when I saw her on the pond side with her show-off mate.

A pair of mandarin ducks – the first I’ve seen at the Priory
Not an owl then but not a wood pigeon either.  I suppose I’m happy, though I’m not convinced they will stay the course.  Every time I walk past the oak tree on which the nest box is attached (and I do so several times a day) she flies off in alarm. Maybe, just maybe I’ll still end up with a Tawny.  Or a wood pigeon.

7 thoughts on “New Residents at the Priory

  1. Hi Janet, they are so entertaining aren't they? On moving into our new house down on the South Coast, we've had to stick a ball of barbed wire behind the chimney – the site of an old gull nest. This was to deter them from nesting there again and then attacking us and the dogs whenever we ventured out into the garden! Count yourself lucky you've got doves!!

    Hi Holley, yes they are prettier than a wood pigeon but far more timid than the mallard we get.

    Hi Stacy, well I know that. You know that. Even the duck knows that…..

    Thanks Mud, hadn't quite thought of it like that. It's kind of you to try and convince me otherwise but I'd still prefer to have an owl swooping down out of the oak than a duck. Call me old fashioned.



  2. Fickle things, birds! I've been entertaining myself for weeks now watching a pair of young collared doves build a ridiculously precarious and messy nest behind our defunct Sky dish. I hope any young they manage to raise survive the experience… Hope you get your owls soon.


  3. Yes!! You are right. They are just keeping it warm for my imminent owl family arrival aren't they? Aren't they?

    Heard from someone that mandarins are mallard-duckling-killers!! Two years ago I had over a dozen mallard ducklings survive to fly-away stage. Last year? Not one.


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