September Return

September is a favourite month; in fact I'd rank it in my top twelve. The light is sharp and low and the gardens look pretty good with much still in flower.  But there is a chill in the air that promises change. It will soon be time for regular bonfires and leaf raking; time for … Continue reading September Return

An Arum By Any Other Name

Were you to visit The Priory at this time of year, and were I to gently push your nose under bushes and hedges and into shady, damp corners you would certainly notice Arum maculatum. You might not know it by its Latin name but perhaps you call it Lords and Ladies.  Or Cuckoo flower - … Continue reading An Arum By Any Other Name

Wild Places, Wild Flowers

April is a busy month for gardeners and the sheer amount of flower can be a little distracting.  Plants are elbowing through to the fore, hurling themselves into flower and screeching, "Me, me, me.  Look at me!"  And very pretty it all is too but I do wish (a little) that they would just calm … Continue reading Wild Places, Wild Flowers

Mini-Me Meadows

South of the river and north of the house, there is a big expanse of grass and flowers and life that I like to walk around at least twice a day.  It's a nice place to be.  But this isn't the only area of grass that is left to grow at this time of year. … Continue reading Mini-Me Meadows

Priory Picture Post # 6

A day or two ago, as I walked through the meadow, my eye caught a tiny splash of pink. I was smitten but also totally flummoxed as to it's identity.  Whilst it looked like a vetch flower it seemed to be growing on a grass stem.  Very odd.  When I got home I consulted my … Continue reading Priory Picture Post # 6