Priory Picture Post # 6

A day or two ago, as I walked through the meadow, my eye caught a tiny splash of pink.
I was smitten but also totally flummoxed as to it’s identity.  Whilst it looked like a vetch flower it seemed to be growing on a grass stem.  Very odd.  When I got home I consulted my much-worn copy of “The Oxford Book of Wild Flowers.”  I can now state,  in an absolute certainty of conviction (gulp), that it is the very nicely (and aptly) named Grass Vetchling.  Apparently it “is a rather rare species of grassy places in the south and east”.  So that’s nice.

3 thoughts on “Priory Picture Post # 6

  1. Hi PG, it does doesn't it? I went to have another look at it yesterday and couldn't find it! Elusive or what?

    Hi Stacy, another case of walking about and studying much more intently than perhaps I might have done before I started blogging. As to the moving – I've actually moved AWAY from the Priory. I used to live opposite it and now live half an hour's drive away. But different wildflowers certainly. The Priory sits on clay and I now live on chalk.



  2. Another coup for the meadow! Save these posts to show the owner, next time he gets a glint of “playing fields” in his eye. It must be kind of disconcerting (but fun) to have moved south and suddenly have a whole new set of wildflowers popping up on you.


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