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I’ve been playing around trying to design a logo for the blog.  Not sure why but it keeps me off the streets.
Do you own a billhook?  If your garden comprises mostly soft herbaceous plants and planted up pots then you probably don’t need one.  But down at the Priory I use one quite often.  It’s a great, if slightly alarming, tool for cutting beanpoles and the like, removing the side branches off  larger branches and, of course, hedge laying.  Not that I’ve laid a hedge in my life.
Anyway, thought I’d try to incorporate one into the logo.
I was quite pleased with the effect but then realised that  actually it is  far too apocalyptic.  The billhook looks  like a weapon that a Viking warrior has just whacked into a wooden  post whilst he takes a breather from all that rape, pillage and slaughter.
Perhaps not quite the message I was trying to convey.

6 thoughts on “Blog Logo

  1. Stacy, are there black-leather-and-chains gardeners? Gosh – how intriguing! They must get very hot. And clanky.

    And as to gardening scale, I also use tweezers for weeding alpines and bonsai, and for picking off aphids. Haven't tried chop sticks though. Yet.

    Gee Janet. You know I'm just a pussycat.


  2. You might just attract a different kind of reader–the black-leather-and-chains kind of gardener rather than the peaceful plant-loving kind. Dunno–you seem more like a plant-lover, yourself.

    I had to laugh at the contrast–while you're busy swinging billhooks (is a billhook something you swing?) I'm using chopsticks to pick little pebbles out of the house leeks… Gardening on a Different Scale.

    Fascinating to learn about the Hedgelaying Society!


  3. Thanks for the link, Elephant's Eye – brilliant. I love the boar. And indeed the blog.

    I suspect you're right Jason. I think Solo will remain top right for the time being.


  4. Hmmm. I do like it but I'm not sure it is right for a gardener; perhaps if you were Sweeney Todd it would be better suited. Having said that, if you made up a big one and plonked it outside the Priory then I'm sure no one would try and steal your tools!


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