Priory Picture Post # 4

Cow parsley (nothing to do with cows) is beginning to get established in the meadow.  And very welcome it is too.  It is just going over; you can see that seeds are beginning to form.
The drop of liquid is “Cuckoo Spit” (nothing to do with cuckoos).  It’s actually a froth produced by a small insect called a froghopper (nothing to do with frogs).

And no, it’s got nothing to do with parsley either.

3 thoughts on “Priory Picture Post # 4

  1. Thanks for that Stacy. I hadn't seen that “blog” before. “Very funny”. Is it an American phenomena? I can't say I've noticed it here – though having written that I will now see “” everywhere. “Chortle”.

    “Dave” – oh, dear can't “stop”


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