Priory Picture Post # 22

The Priory boat (HMS Despondent) quietly mouldering on the East Pond.

Priory Picture Post # 21

Having depressed you with a tale of duck desperation, duck derring-do, duck despair and duck death (see last post), I thought it would be fun to carry on in a similar vein.  Who needs good times and chuckles, anyhow? A couple of weeks ago, Jim called me into the garden to look at a large … Continue reading Priory Picture Post # 21

Priory Picture Post # 20

I know that I have posted photos of a grass snake before (see -  'Grass Snake') but when I noticed one today (twice the size of the one I saw last September), I was rather excited. And very pleased.  While I can't say that I approve of their diet (frogs and toads), I am only … Continue reading Priory Picture Post # 20

Priory Picture Post #19

Now that the ponds are once more filled to the brim and the south wind has swept them clear of duckweed, I can enjoy their clarity and their visual depth. I know I've posted some photos of them recently but I do find them captivating. Hope you do too. Weekend Reflections.

Priory Picture Post # 18

Life can seem a little too drab, a little too grey in December. So a plant (even in the greenhouse) that explodes into outrageous colour (and then hangs around for several days) is only too welcome.  Thanks Pleiospilus nelii.  You're a little star.

Priory Picture Post # 17

Erodium x kolbianum 'Natasha' is a favourite of mine - and a fine name to say out loud.  I first came across  it when working in an Alpine nursery and was hooked;  pretty, veined flowers with two dark patches, raised on tall, delicate stems above a small mound of glaucous, finely cut foliage.  Not a … Continue reading Priory Picture Post # 17

Priory Picture Post # 16

Still got plenty of ... ... to collect.  So have to spend a lot of time over at the ... ... trying to make more space.  But whenever I do a local busy body ... ... turns up. Uninvited. Getting in the way, making a nuisance of himself. Turning the compost had exposed a wriggly … Continue reading Priory Picture Post # 16