Priory Picture Post # 8

Seed head of Stipa gigantea

6 thoughts on “Priory Picture Post # 8

  1. when is the best time to sow seeds of Stipa gigantean. I’ve collected some this week – July 2014 and put some in a paper bag and sown others, but am guessing!


      • Many thanks for the information. I’m having to re-think what goes into my tiny garden due to ill-health which means I can’t bend down any more or dig after 50 yrs of growing anything from fruit and vegs to herbaceous plants and loving every minute. After my husband died, gardening was what got me out of bed each day. So, every plant has to count, look good in the winter and give me something nice to look at when the pain takes over. Best wishes and happy gardening, June


        • Sorry to hear your news June. I can understand wanting simplicity -something I’m increasingly looking for. The only attention I give to giant oat is to cut back all the old dead foliage and stems in spring but otherwise I leave well alone. It should meet your needs I think. I recently did a post about a lovely garden at Follers Manor. They’ve used it a lot – 3rd photo down and then more photos too. Best wishes to you too. Dave


  2. Hey Stacy, glad you're back! Dud neurons are a challenge. But we will overcome. Won't we?

    Yeah, super hot day and it was sizzling. I almost nodded off lying on my back taking this shot.



  3. I saw this one shortly after you posted it, and it lit up the “Ooh, nice!” part of my brain, but when I waited for another neuron to fire that would actually turn “Ooh, nice!” into words, nothing happened. Dud neurons.

    Did you take this on one of those super-hot days? The sky and the way the light bronzes the seed heads just radiates sizzling summer.


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