An Auricula Interlude

I had hoped to write a post about all of the gardening that I’ve been doing these past couple of weeks …

A personal favourite. Auriculas now flowering in the Priory greenhouse.

… but Time, as ever, has trumped me.

And all that has been happening in this very busy period will have to be told in a couple of weeks …

… which is when I’ll be posting again. (I should really have some Mantovani piped through this post – if I knew how).  See you soon.  Dave

16 thoughts on “An Auricula Interlude

  1. My life has been filled with strange plants and good gardening and I’m with ya. Where does all the time go, here I’am at 10:00pm contemplating some plant writing, but exhausted dead on my feet. Take the time you need to do what you do, we’ll listen in when you have the moments to share.


  2. I’m not a sucker for auriculas, really, they seem so fussy to me, but they’re lovely… those blossoms covered with flour and so ready to go in a deep frying pan… poetical.
    Have a nice holiday.


  3. Isn’t is always that the more you do, the less time there is to write about it. Lovely auriculas, though. Hasn’t Mantovani had his day, or do I shop in the wrong supermarkets. Not sure what the modern equivalent is.


    • Hehe, I’m not even sure I know any Mantovani, Karin – just a name that popped into my head in a musak-y kind of way. True about how busy I am at the moment and yet can’t seem to get stuff tapped out on to my PC. Soon though. D


  4. It seems like it was just a few weeks ago that we were all wishing you a good time away… Have a(nother) good time away, Dave. Thanks for leaving us with such beautiful photos to look at in the meantime.


  5. Off again? Should you have any spare auricula that you just can’t find a space for…I’d be more than happy to provide a good home…love ’em!


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