A Choice of Paths

Covid hasn't gifted us the best of years but, for me, it had one good outcome. It nudged me in a new direction. (It also sent darkness, doubt and isolated me from family and friends but hey, let's concentrate on a positive). Two and a half years ago, I was a full-time professional gardener in … Continue reading A Choice of Paths

Win ‘American Gardens’ By Monty Don and Derry Moore

Is it time for a book giveaway? I think so. 'American Gardens' by Monty Don and Derry Moore is published today, with an RRP of £35.00.  Here's your chance to win a copy courtesy of your quite friendly, neighbourhood Anxious Gardener. If you didn't watch the TV series, the press release explains all you need … Continue reading Win ‘American Gardens’ By Monty Don and Derry Moore

A Postcard from The Lake District

Once Upon a Time - in early May of last year - I spent a week in The Lake District with Jim and his parents. I started writing a post about our trip several months ago but grew increasingly distracted as Covid settled amongst us and my world shifted. Like you, I'm still pretty distracted … Continue reading A Postcard from The Lake District

Garden Answers Magazine

If I haven't written much for The Anxious Gardener recently, I have been writing other things.  And, back in September, I was invited to submit an article to Garden Answers. My offering was accepted, and it appears in the February edition. I can't reproduce the whole 'Garden View' piece, I'm afraid, but the magazine is … Continue reading Garden Answers Magazine

New House, New Garden 2: Garden Makeover

Here's the second of my (cough) regular posts on preparing our house and garden for sale. A (cough) short while ago, I wrote about the house Jim and I bought in January 2016, its poor state of repair, its interesting decoration. Just renovating the house would gobble up our allocated budget: new kitchen, new bathroom, … Continue reading New House, New Garden 2: Garden Makeover

Win A Copy Of ‘The Cotswold Wildlife Park, A Celebration Of The Gardens’

Yesterday, at their invitation, I drove to The Cotswold Wildlife Park near Burford in Oxfordshire.  I hadn't been before and only a complete cupcake would say no to an invite for a free lunch, a guided tour by head gardener, Tim Miles, and free access to the Park, its marvellous animals and lovely grounds. Lunch … Continue reading Win A Copy Of ‘The Cotswold Wildlife Park, A Celebration Of The Gardens’

You Would Cry, Dave

It wasn't my garden, of course. I didn't own it, I didn't pay for it - at least not with money. And when I left The Priory, my responsibility for the garden ended.  I stopped being its gardener in August 2018 but my love for the place didn't end then, nor my fascination.  It's been … Continue reading You Would Cry, Dave