If you’ve had an email or WordPress notification ping of a new post on The Anxious Gardener called ‘September Days’ you might be wondering where it is.  I can only apologise.  Truth is – I’m an idiot.  This morning I wrote a very rough draft for a new post and then, rather than clicking the ‘Save Draft’ button, my fat fingers hit the ‘Publish’ button instead.  How I shrieked.  How the air turned a deep, dark, violet-blue.


I’ve since tried to delete all references to ‘September Days’ but I’m not sure I’ve succeeded.  So please toss any notification of that post into your virtual waste-paper basket.  If you’ve ever experienced that icy, bony-fingered clench on your bowels at making a simple, school-boy/girl error, you’ll know how I felt.

Anyway, sorry. No great harm done, just very annoying.  I’ll publish ‘September Days’ (again) in a few days.  (And WordPress.com?  Please add an ‘Are you really sure you wish to publish, oh fat-fingered one’ confirmation button.  Please).

20 thoughts on “Oops

  1. Isn’t it stupid where they put that bloomin’ button? I’ve been waiting for the day the same thing happens to me, especially as I tend to draft straight into wordpress and mostly too late at night. The only thing that surprises me is that I haven’t done it yet.
    What a great place you have to work, the gardens and location look delightful.


    • Hi, it’s the second time I’ve done it but the first time I had almost finished so I just edited it a bit after it was published. And thank you – I’m pretty lucky to work in ‘my’ two gardens. Dave


  2. Is it wrong of me to be glad that somebody else does that sort of thing? 😉 I’m forever sending out images on Instagram instead of deleting something – the back space and send buttons are next to each other on my phone. Who ever thought that was a good idea? Lou


  3. Worry not I do things like that all the time especially at work. The amount of emails I send without the mentioned attachment is embarrassing – we try to do too much and are distracted. I will await the September post with almost bated breath.


  4. Well, unless you posted something unmentionable then I wouldn’t worry. It is not nearly as bad as sending an email round a whole mailing list instead of just one person just by clicking reply all instead of reply – oh and of course that would have included the very person you were criticising! You try and work out how to cancel an email sending when you are panicking!


    • A friend of mine had exactly that misfortune, Annette. She was pretty rude about one particular person in an email and then hit ‘reply all’ and sent her email to everyone in the company. Had to personally apologise to everyone. Eeek. D


  5. Darn. I’d been looking forward to a good read and some beautiful autumn photos to enjoy after lunch (and instead ended up with a different good read and photo after lunch). Hope the air has begun to turn rosy colored again, Dave!


    • All is calm now Stacy, all is rosy. What was particularly annoying is that once published you can’t boot a post back into draft mode. It is lost – so what work I had done was all lost. Blogging, eh? Tut. D


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