Putting the Garden to Bed

I haven't posted much recently or visited many blogs.  One reason is bone-idleness.  Another, that I needed a break from all things blogging.  And a third was because I wrote an article for Wayfair.co.uk.  When I was 10, I had a letter published in the comic, 'Donald and Mickey'.  Hardly a great claim to fame … Continue reading Putting the Garden to Bed


If you've had an email or WordPress notification ping of a new post on The Anxious Gardener called 'September Days' you might be wondering where it is.  I can only apologise.  Truth is - I'm an idiot.  This morning I wrote a very rough draft for a new post and then, rather than clicking the … Continue reading Oops

And Quiet Flows The Spree

I didn't intend to impose my holiday snaps on you.  Indeed for the first day or two of my recent cycling trip to Germany, I didn't even take a photo. But when a bird of prey glided past with a rat the size of a small child in its talons, my shutter finger itched.  And … Continue reading And Quiet Flows The Spree

Bear With Me

I haven't posted for a while.I've been busy with some non-blogging stuff ... and intently studying a wasp nest on the east lawn.Excavation continues and it's getting bigger.  And bigger.  As you might suppose, mowing operations have been diverted.I've been distracted too by the sheer number of butterflies on the new verbena beds.There is a … Continue reading Bear With Me

Breathe In

About a week ago, my laptop died and I spent hours trying to resurrect it.  I failed.  So I spent several more hours.  And failed again.  Then I panicked.  I feared I had lost spreadsheets and word documents and other files I wouldn't even miss until I needed them.  And hundreds of photos. In a … Continue reading Breathe In

A Quick Word

I just wanted to say ... ... very much indeed to every one who voted for my post in the RHS Gardening Blogs Competition 2013 and for all the very kind messages I have received since winning.  (I've responded to some on Twitter and Facebook but not all - I have been gardening today after all).  … Continue reading A Quick Word

A Postcard From Poland

I got bemused looks when I told people I was going to Poland. "On business?" "No, on holiday." "Oh."  (Bemused look). See what I mean? But the unease I felt at this reaction evaporated on arrival.  I loved Poland.  OK, so the weather helped.  All warm, spring sun and clear, blue skies lighting up what … Continue reading A Postcard From Poland