Out To Pasture

It’s that time of year again.  I’ve shown the annual turning out of cows to pasture before (See ‘A Stampede of Cows’) but as it is such a big event in my calendar (party invites having  dried up somewhat), I’ll share it with you once more.

Cows out to pasture (2)

Margaret warns me when the release is imminent and I drop what I’m doing in the garden and walk up through the fields to the farm.

Cows out to pasture (3)

I stand on my favoured spot

Cows out to pasture (4)

– a tree stump behind a small hedge –

Cows out to pasture (5)

from where my 300mm lens suggests I’m far, far braver than the reality.

Cows out to pasture (6)

This is the one day of the year when I see these hefty animals

Cows out to pasture (7)

galloping at full pelt

Cows out to pasture (8)

and hurtling straight towards me.

Cows out to pasture (9)

Except for a handful, who don’t.

Cows out to pasture (10)

And this is the moment when I seriously doubt the wisdom

Cows out to pasture (11)

of standing behind thin,

Cows out to pasture (12)

A very rare four-eared calf

insubstantial bits of hawthorn.

Cows out to pasture (13)

The rarer still levitating calf

(At the last moment, the herd always swerves to one side and passes though an opened gate on my right.  So far).

Cows out to pasture (14)

The calves, born inside the sheds, haven’t been outside before, and after a quick glance back at their mothers,

Cows out to pasture (15)

hare off to explore a whole new world, as I would.

Cows out to pasture (16)

I’ve suggested to Margaret that she sell tickets.

Cows out to pasture (17)

She had a team of helpers this year

Cows out to pasture (19)

to enjoy the fun; round-up stragglers;

Cows out to pasture (18)

and herd them into the next field.

Cows out to pasture (1)

With Margaret leading the way, we urged them on and across the Priory drive (with pickets posted to stop them bolting up the drive to the village or down to the Priory gardens) and through to another field beyond.  Job done.

Cows out to pasture (20)

The daffodils are over but the cows are back.  It’s almost summer.

54 thoughts on “Out To Pasture

  1. A delightful photgrapic chronicle of such a frolicsome herd…. Thanks for sharing…This is my first experience of your annual ‘bovines cavorting’ post, and yes, I am making a note…Definitely brings a smile to see such joy in ‘going to pasture’ : )

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  2. I think you are very brave to stand so close to such a joyous herd dashing out to their field. All to get such happy pictures for us to enjoy. Thank you!

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  3. How adorable! We have the same situation here, the belted galways across the street are gone through the winter (so we can cross country ski the fields) and any day now they return to the fields with their adorable babies.. I wouldn’t mind having an ocean view, but having a view of the cattle in the field is just as much fun, and lower taxes!

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    • Belted galloways are smashing. I love having cows in the fields surrounding the Priory over the summer. They are a great backdrop, fun simply to watch and just ‘fit’ so well. Dave


  4. Pure bovine joy! Where I live in Minchinhampton in Gloucestershire the cows go out to graze the common in Summer. The wet Spring has made lusher-than-usual grass and huge colonies of cowslips and orchids. The cows love it. And the best thing is that everyone smiles more when the cows are out!

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    • Hi Joe. I know Minchinhampton very well! My in-laws live between there and Nailsworth and so I’ve been visiting the common for over twenty years now (with an included trip to Winstones, of course). D


  5. Of course there’s going to be a stampede. Margaret puts up a notice just inside the barn door that says “Grumpy’s waiting out there!”. And all the mother cows dash out to form an disorderly queue to end their enforced winter of celibacy! I’ve witnessed a “let-out” on a nearby farm and it’s a wonderful sight. Who would have thought that such big animals could be so nimble. Their joy is infectious.

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  6. Always makes me smile when you post about the cows obtaining freedom, but I think my hand would be trembling too much to get such wonderful shots, whatever the power of the zoom. Definitely nearly summer. Hope you enjoy your first one in the new house and garden!!

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    • I guess I’m quite used to photographing them big beasts now, Janet. I think I’ve only missed one letting out in 6 or 7 years. Still exciting though. House and garden coming along thanks. It feels like a good house for summer – which reminds me I really ought to do that post about our new garden! Dave


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