Out To Pasture

It's that time of year again.  I've shown the annual turning out of cows to pasture before (See 'A Stampede of Cows') but as it is such a big event in my calendar (party invites having  dried up somewhat), I'll share it with you once more. Margaret warns me when the release is imminent and … Continue reading Out To Pasture

Margaret’s Farm …

... sits on the skyline above the Priory.  I visit once a week to stock up on eggs, catch up with local gossip, spread local gossip, help out if needed and wander round the farmyard. After several months, her cows are still over-wintering in the sheds. They'll be turned out in a few weeks when … Continue reading Margaret’s Farm …

One Day In May

Yesterday was a special day. A five-minute walk away at Margaret's farm, the cows were being let out to summer pasture.  I've written about this annual event in the Priory calendar before (see 'A Stampede of Cows'). So, here's just a handful of photos of a spectacle I always enjoy. After several months indoors, the … Continue reading One Day In May

A Stampede Of Cows

As well as this gardener walking about in his shirt-sleeves and whistling, there are various other markers that spring has finally arrived: from the scent of wild garlic by the riverbank; to early purple orchids, Camassia quamash flowering on the meadow, the rock border overflowing with forget-me-nots and butterflies emerging - albeit a cabbage white. … Continue reading A Stampede Of Cows

Lambs And Calves. Again.

I was going to be so strong.  Honest, I was.  I was going to resist, you see.  Resist posting yet more photos of cutesy calves and lovely lambs.  After all I've posted lots of photos of both before.  But when Margaret (the neighbouring farmer) told me that she was expecting (so to speak), it gnawed … Continue reading Lambs And Calves. Again.

Cows In The Asparagus

As I parked my car this morning, I saw a black and white figure lurking beneath the hornbeams and obviously up to no good. But what on Earth .... ? Ah.  I see.  Great.  Super.  As they had long-planned, Margaret's cows had broken into the garden. A frantic phone call to Margaret, "Help!" and a … Continue reading Cows In The Asparagus

Slowly, slowly …

... as we head into June, May is arriving.  What should have been a show-stopping leap centre-stage, has been a slow, very late and frankly embarrassing shuffle in from the wings. Not much is flowering at the Priory therefore though there is plenty of new, green growth.  Here in the rock border, ferns (which survived … Continue reading Slowly, slowly …