Wordless Wednesday: Wood Mouse

Wood Mouse

We’re going to have one fat mouse.

10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Wood Mouse

  1. Well done mouse! Coming back to a mountain of weeds after the two most important gardening months of the year – April and May, I moved some old pieces of wood last night and met with two big bright eyes of a little brown field mouse. I had disturbed her home and also three babies. OMGoodness!!! I grabbed one little one by the tail as it rushed off and then another in the opposite direction. Mummy mouse hurriedly transported then back into safety but seemed to be perturbed still. I think maybe another baby is missing. I remade homestead, big stone so we know where it is and I haven’t the heart to even weed to near them. My other mouse is living under the goose house – free food all day…but I think he will have to pack soon as my geese do not like the mouse at all.

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