The Green Woodpecker And The Magpie

I'm very fortunate that my study window looks out over the canal.  It's a grand view if an awfully distracting one. My eyes lift from my laptop all too easily as people walk, cycle, jog or paddle past my window; or a mute swan glides about on still water.  Moorhens aren't so good at gliding. … Continue reading The Green Woodpecker And The Magpie

Win A Copy Of ‘The Cotswold Wildlife Park, A Celebration Of The Gardens’

Yesterday, at their invitation, I drove to The Cotswold Wildlife Park near Burford in Oxfordshire.  I hadn't been before and only a complete cupcake would say no to an invite for a free lunch, a guided tour by head gardener, Tim Miles, and free access to the Park, its marvellous animals and lovely grounds. Lunch … Continue reading Win A Copy Of ‘The Cotswold Wildlife Park, A Celebration Of The Gardens’

An Otter In Stroud

Of all England's mammals, there is one - more than any other - that I have always wanted to see in the wild. Only one animal which, since I saw that film and read that book as a boy, I'm aware of, subconsciously at least, as I walk alongside streams and rivers and shoreline. When … Continue reading An Otter In Stroud

Win A Copy Of The ‘RHS Companion to Wildlife Gardening’

The new, updated edition of the 'RHS Companion to Wildlife Gardening' is released on 1st September... and I have one copy up for grabs.   Here's a little about Chris Baines' book from the publisher, Frances Lincoln: Wildlife has become a mainstream issue for gardeners and the public since this best-selling book was first published as … Continue reading Win A Copy Of The ‘RHS Companion to Wildlife Gardening’

Almost Wordless Wednesday: That Darn Owl

I don't see him very often but when I do, the Priory tawny owl brightens up my day. He'd be so much easier to photograph if he roosted in a less twiggy tree. But he likes his lofty, camouflaged perch and my focusing challenge just puts a twinkle in his eye.

Grass Cutting – Again

(I've written about cutting the two meadows before but as it is such a big part of my working life at this time of year you might forgive me for revisiting the subject). Cutting the Priory meadow is a job that looms large from late-summer onwards.  Cut it too soon and I lose late flowers … Continue reading Grass Cutting – Again

Almost Wordless Wednesday: House Martins

I'd forgotten about some house martin photos I took in July at the Barrowburn Tea Room in Harbottle, Northumberland.  This seems as good a time to use them as any - before summer slips away completely along with the swifts, swallows and martins. I've seen plenty of martins here in Sussex recently on their way … Continue reading Almost Wordless Wednesday: House Martins