Almost Wordless Wednesday: House Martins

I'd forgotten about some house martin photos I took in July at the Barrowburn Tea Room in Harbottle, Northumberland.  This seems as good a time to use them as any - before summer slips away completely along with the swifts, swallows and martins. I've seen plenty of martins here in Sussex recently on their way … Continue reading Almost Wordless Wednesday: House Martins

Gardening Dangers

My recent post,  Aconitum Anxiety, led me to think on the possible hazards I face at work - as any report of a gardener's sudden death is apt to do.   Not that I worry too much about danger and mortality but it did remind me that I wilfully ignore some gardening safety advice. There is … Continue reading Gardening Dangers

Wordless Wednesday: Hornet

  European hornet (Vespa crabro)

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Bee Swarm

(A swarm of wild honey bees flew overhead today as we cut the beech hedging.  I followed them up the drive where they landed on an apple tree to form a large tear-drop around the queen.  As swarming bees are not generally aggressive, I got very close with my standard lens: but I wouldn't advise … Continue reading Almost Wordless Wednesday: Bee Swarm

The Farne Islands

I've been a little too busy for blogging.  I sold a house, I bought a house and I've endured all the fun-filled, stress-free hours that involves.  I've also been on a short break to Paris; and a longer holiday to Northern England.   Last year, I crossed Northumberland on foot (see 'Walking Across England') and it … Continue reading The Farne Islands

Transplanting Oak Trees: An Update

The Priory oaks are impressive.  Huge, ancient, gnarled, neck-craning impressive.  They were the first thing I noticed and the last I shall say good-bye to. We have about twenty mature oaks; most hale, a few less so.  With an eye on the latter, and because the Priory should never be oak-less, I planted some replacements. … Continue reading Transplanting Oak Trees: An Update

A Gravel Garden For Free

Behind some outbuildings at the Old Forge is an oil tank and an expanse of gravel.  For three long years, I weeded that gravel until, a couple of years ago, I (finally) realised I was being stupid.  Instead of weeding, why not fill it with plants?  Drought resistant, hardy plants of course but there would … Continue reading A Gravel Garden For Free