Leaping Into WordPress

Last summer, I registered theanxiousgardener.com domain name and set up a WordPress account.  I had increasingly heard how marvellous WordPress was in comparison to Blogger and, coupled with some very irritating problems that I had had with the latter, I decided (as many others have) to migrate over to WP. But then the sun shone, … Continue reading Leaping Into WordPress

To Make A Gardener Anxious

I always try to show the Priory off at it's best. By posting photos of it looking (hopefully) alluring and interesting and beautiful.   It seems impolite somehow to do otherwise.  It is, I think, a very special place and I started blogging, partly, in order to share it's charms with others.  Of course, by framing … Continue reading To Make A Gardener Anxious

I Will Be Master Here

These small trees have displeased me. When they obey me and call me Master, I shall replant them into the wild.  Perhaps.

Ahhh, Carol Klein.

I've been watching some of the earlier 'Life in a Cottage Garden' episodes on iplayer.  And I've decided that I would like Carol Klein to adopt me.  She seems so jolly, so lovely and so, well, decent.   I can't help but feel that she would make a very good job indeed of looking after … Continue reading Ahhh, Carol Klein.

A Wild And Windy Morning

On a grey and wet and blustery morning in February, I do wonder why on earth I decided to be a gardener.  And why on earth I decided to be a gardener who works Saturdays.  Today is a day for doing nothing other than going back to bed with a family size bag of revels … Continue reading A Wild And Windy Morning