I Will Be Master Here

These small trees have displeased me.

When they obey me and call me Master, I shall replant them into the wild.ย  Perhaps.

9 thoughts on “I Will Be Master Here

  1. Sorry for such a late response – forgot to check back, then had hand surgery & still struggling to work one-handed, so taken till now to try typing but quite tiring ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Certainly still interested to see what you have & prices etc – I’m in Belfast so UK postage.
    You can contact me directly through my bonsai blog http://kitsandcards.co.uk/TKRBonsai/ ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks


    • And apologies to you! I was away at the weekend, am in the middle of buying and selling a house and a myriad other excuses. Ouch. Sorry to hear about your hand. I would be unpaid whilst that was happening to me! I’ll try and get some photos taken in the next week or so and will email them to you. Dave


      • I’m really sorry for the delay. It either slips my mind completely or else I’ve been away (like now!). I’ve also lost some to drought when I was off sick from work. I’m back at the Priory properly next week and I’ll see what I’ve got left! Best, D.


    • Not a problem Dave – I’m not in any rush & will always fire you a gentle reminder up ahead if I feel you’ve maybe forgotten ๐Ÿ™‚ – just getting out of the splint finally this week – oh the joy!!!! At least I’ll now be able to manage my plants a shade better than recently. But thanks for still keeping me in mind given how busy you are, so as I say – don’t be putting pressure on yourself to do anything about this unless you’d be doing it anyway & I’ll be content to wait until that time comes. Thanks again!


      • Good news re the splint. Enjoy your hand! I’ll take some photos as soon as I get a mo and email them to you. But as you say no real rush as I wouldn’t be able to post until they were dormant. ‘Speak’ soon. Dave


    • Blimey Romayne, fancy you discovering this ancient, forgotten post. I’m blowing dust off it and batting away cobwebs as I type. Funny you ask I have been thinking about selling some of my bonsais and potting up lots more young trees I find about the place. (Potted up an oak seedling today as a matter of fact). Thought I might try sticking a few on Ebay. If you like I’ll photo some I’m willing to sell and you can see whether you want any of them and we can perhaps agree a reasonable price. How does that sound? Where abouts in the world are you? D


  2. Apparently letting them know who's boss (“Master”–sorry) (only you probably don't want them saying it in ironic quotes, do you? sorry) worked, or you wouldn't be turning your fell hand to tubers now…


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