Cloud Walking In The Lake District

I hadn't intended to post yet more holiday snaps.  Honestly, I hadn't.  Afterall, it was only  recently that I walked, and posted about, the Dales Way and a Lakeland walk.  But, on my return to the Lake District, Jim and I experienced something quite special, even awesome (if that word can still mean what it … Continue reading Cloud Walking In The Lake District

The Dales Way

Mr K over at Gardening at the Edge thought me quite mad to go walking at this time of year.  Harsh, I thought but I see his point.  I would have preferred to have gone in late March as I did last year (see - 'And Back Again'): it's generally warmer, early flowers are out … Continue reading The Dales Way

I Am Just Going Outside …

... and may be some time.  Once a year (when things in the garden are quiet), I escape for a week or two and walk.  I walk and think and then I walk some more.  This year I'm off to walk the Dales Way; 80 miles through the Yorkshire Dales starting at Ilkley and finishing … Continue reading I Am Just Going Outside …

My Post

Stacy, over at Microcosm, recently wrote about breaking free from the confines of the garden and enjoying some Big Views and Big Sky, "Skies that soar without hindrance and landscapes that stretch to the ends of the compass rose". Well if it is good enough for Stacy ... On a gloriously sunny if cold Saturday … Continue reading My Post

Retired to the Greenhouse

Why do holidays speed past ... so ... darn ... fast?  Is it a plot?  Evil magic?  A little time spent strolling about Bath, Stroud, Gloucester and Nailsworth and most of the week was gone. Three days gallivanting through the Forest of Dean and along the Wye Valley and it had been gobbled up altogether. … Continue reading Retired to the Greenhouse

And Back Again

So.  You  go away for a few days and when you come back half the internal walls in your house are gone.  You've got no bathroom, no kitchen, no heating, barely any ceiling and  the only running water is a hosepipe sticking out of the middle of a concrete floor.  The one safe, semi-liveable-in room is your bedroom but even here every available inch of floorspace is … Continue reading And Back Again

Away Awhile

I'm going away for a few day to walk in a circle.  It's quite a big circle otherwise I needn't leave the warm confines  of the greenhouse.  It's a 150 miles of circle.  It starts in Scarborough and finishes in .... well, I would hope you can guess. When I planned the walk back in December, it seemed … Continue reading Away Awhile