Win ‘The Thoughtful Gardener’ By Jinny Blom

It has been over six months since I gave away a new, shiny book – which is far too long and I’ll rectify that right now.  ‘The Thoughtful Gardener’ by Jinny Blom will be published by Jacqui Small on 16th March 2017, with an RRP of £35.00 … but I have a copy up for grabs. 


I had planned to review Jinny’s book – as well as hold this competition – but The Thoughtful Gardener’  is so new that my review copy won’t arrive before I leave on a short walking holiday.  In haste then, and instead of my review, here’s a little about the book from the press release:

A prolific designer, Jinny Blom embraces a wide variety of styles, from formal walled gardens to contemporary installations. What defines her work is her skill with plants and her ability to create a garden that responds to the history of the site and the wider landscape. In this book, Jinny shares her insight into the creative process she has developed while designing more than 250 gardens around the world.

For Jinny, design is more a matter of intelligence and appropriateness than imposing a particular style. As such, her approach can be applied to any garden. You can take inspiration from Jinny’s principles and apply them to your own garden, whatever the shape, size of plot or aspect, to make it work for you and for your situation, giving enormous satisfaction for years to come.

Reflecting Jinny’s highly individual character, there is plenty of wit and quirkiness alongside the expert knowledge, and it will appeal to the widest audience of garden lovers. Thoughtful and beautiful, yet practical and informative, this book marries artistry with functionality.

Jinny Blom has enjoyed a meteoric rise as a landscape and garden designer since she began her London-based practice in 2000. Jinny works on a wide range of projects, taking her across the UK, Europe, the United States and Africa. She has exhibited at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show four times, and was awarded the coveted gold medal in 2007 for her Laurent-Perrier garden. She won a silver-gilt medal at Chelsea in 2002 for her ‘Healing Garden’, created in collaboration with HRH The Prince of Wales, and in 2013 she designed a garden commissioned by HRH Prince Harry’s charity Sentebale. She has been a columnist for The Times and has appeared in a wide range of publications.

For your chance to win a copy of the ‘The Thoughtful Gardener simply:

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The competition will close at midnight on Sunday 19th March 2017.

I’ll draw a name from my cleanest hat, contact the winner and add the result to the bottom of this post.

Good luck!


To order ‘The Thoughtful Gardener at a special 20% discount, visit and use discount code: BLOM20 (at checkout).

Offer valid from 1st March – 31st March 2017 only.


The competition is now closed.  Thank you to everyone for taking part and the winner is Brad Willet via the blog.  Congratulations.

Ooops.  Well, it appears Brad doesn’t have a UK address after all.  The final (?) winner is Ann Dukes.  Congratulations.





New Gardening Blogs – A Follow Up

Thank you to everyone who helped in my call to find New Gardening Blogs.  Frankly, I wasn’t expecting much of a response and so the flood of replies took me by surprise – overwhelmed me, actually.  I’ve spent virtually all of my limited Allotted Blogging Time responding to comments and emails; visiting each of the blogs and commenting on most.  The standard of writing, photography and presentation is generally, reassuringly, excellent and we needn’t fear that garden blogging is waning.

Personally, I don’t think it is waning but I mention it in response to a comment left by Carolee, the author of Herbal Blessings Blog: “When I began my blog a bit over a year ago … the common attitude of the Garden Writers of America members was that garden blogging was dying … being replaced by Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram“.

In my experience of blogging, social media and fielding increasing enquiries from companies wanting me to review their products or host Amazing Advertising Opportunities, that view isn’t one I share.  I use Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter myself, Facebook too, and they provide an easy, quick way of sharing images, ideas or blog-links.  But I see them as an add-on to The Anxious Gardener rather than its eventual replacement, even if many of their users don’t ever read blogs.   Unless we are content only to look briefly at pictures, or engage with content for seconds at a time (we’re not, are we?) I don’t agree that social media is killing off blogging.

If some blogs disappear or wither as their writers drift away, there is a steady stream of new bloggers taking their place and in increasing numbers too.*  Clearly, there is still a vibrant interest in both writing and reading gardening blogs. The reaction to my previous post helps illustrate that, I think: I published my post two weeks ago at 6.30pm and by midnight my blog’s 10 month-old, daily views record was broken; and that new record was smashed on the following day.  New Gardening Blogs is currently my sixth most viewed post (out of 312, written over six years) and by far the most commented on.  With such a reaction to just one post, I’d suggest that if garden blogging is dying, the poor thing is suffering an interminable, and impossible to discern, demise.

I received about forty blog ‘entries’ which was marvellous … if problematic.  My original intention had been to highlight perhaps two or three new blogs but I now realise – obviously – that to do so would introduce an element of competition, ranking even, where none was intended nor wanted.

Far better to present a list of the blogs for you to explore.  There are all sorts here, on a range of subjects including: allotments, small urban spaces, large country gardens, garden design and indoor growing too; whilst some cover broader themes with an occasional gardening post.  I’m sure you’ll find something to your taste … and when you do, please say so in the author’s comment box.  Like most of us, new bloggers need every bit of encouragement.

Here are the blogs (roughly in submission order):

  1. Gardening On The Edge – A derelict farmyard; a disused railway line; a dilapidated canal tunnel and a whole lot of exquisite ruination
  2. Amateur Plantsman The adventures of a gardener who wants to grow something out of the ordinary
  3. Old Vicarage GardenersA country house and garden blog
  4. The Propagator Blog – The propagator, my plant obsession
  5. Herbal Blessings Blog – Growing and harvesting a bounty of blessings in my potager
  6. The Restraint of Plants – A brand new blog
  7. Jenny Ruth Yasi – Adventures in marriage
  8. A Coastal Plot Gardening and family life by the sea
  9. Garetnstreifzug – Garden and nature
  10. Half A GardenUrban gardening on a diminished scale
  11. The Indoor Vegetable Garden – Says it all, really
  12. Modern Veg Plot – Documenting my adventures in growing edibles
  13. The Chatty Gardener – Love gardening?  I do
  14. The Renaissance Gardener – Making a garden in SW France and much more
  15. Etilth – Plant love/Container design
  16. The Quest For VegAdventures in allotment gardening
  17. Lou J Nicholls – Horticulturist, Blogger, Photographer
  18. The Temperate Gardener – Roots to growing success
  19. Lakeshore Garden – My gardening journey
  20. Old Dog New Tricks – Getting up close and personal with my garden
  21. New Garden Blog – A new back garden, blogged
  22. Sally’s Garden Blog – My thoughts as I garden and design
  23. Growing Together – The continuing adventures of the Allotment Virgins
  24. Glebe HouseMy week to week gardening diary
  25. Jane Harries Garden DesignsProfessional postal garden designs
  26. Dogwood DaysLife and the Garden
  27. Rose Cottage Jottings – A gardening blog – mostly
  28. Views From My Garden BenchAdventures, pints of Pimms and life in the North
  29. Our Little Field – Little adventure into permaculture and organic vegetable growing
  30. By Nature – Notes from a besotted gardener
  31. Leaves From My GardenPages from the books of Helen Cronin
  32. Mud And Gluts – Allotmenteering in suburbia
  33. The Garden Gate Is OpenGarden visiting
  34. Pulling WeedsA gardener writes…
  35. Elementa Garden DesignGarden design for contemporary living

And here are more garden blogs added after this post was first published:

  1. The Green Fingered Blog – Garden ideas, advice and inspiration
  2. Aimless Gardening – A gardening blog by Tim Barton
  3. Thomas Stone – A gardening blog by Thomas Stone
  4. Next Square Metre – A garden of hectares begins beneath one’s feet
  5. Garden 4 Dinner – Organic, frugal, and automated gardening
  6. Carrots and Calendula – A family gardening blog
  7. Sofia’s Country Cottages – With occasional gardening posts from Finland
  8. The Belmont Rooster – A blog about gardening plus a little more
  9. Peaches and Cream Hobby Farm – Gardening in an urban neighbourhood
  10. Paper Garden Journal – Backyard garden adventures in suburban Philadelphia
  11. Thinking Outside The Boxwood – tips and how-do basics from Columbus, Ohio
  12. Sweet Gum And Pines – gardening in the North Carolina piedmont
  13. Hot Pepper In The City – The life of a hot pepper in the Second City.
  14. Home Organic PH – Find a home+organic in Bacolod City, the Phillipines

(I’ve omitted those recommendations for blogs which are already long-running and well-established).

Meanwhile, and in tandem to my list, the awfully clever John Kingdon has published an extensive directory of gardening blogs on The Rivendell Garden .  I don’t know how he did it … and even after he patiently explained how, I still don’t.  (But given my level of tech knowledge, he might as well have spoken in Klingon.  And perhaps he did).  In addition to well-known blogs, John has added all of the above – tallying up, at last count, a remarkable total of 105.  If your blog is not on his list but you would like it to be – ask him.  He’s a nice chap and rarely bites.

And lastly, if you write a gardening blog, you may be interested in @Gdnbloggers on Twitter (hashtag #Gdnbloggers) and its sister Facebook Page.  Both groups offer friendly support, information and also help in publicising your blog-posts to a wider audience.

Happy reading, happy writing.

*In my opinion.  I have no statistical evidence whatsoever to support this bald statement of fact but in a post-truth age that hardly seems to matter anymore.


I’m sorry but this post is now closed to new blog additions.  However, John at The Rivendell Garden is still adding new blogs to his directory.