My Old Wheelbarrow

I am ridiculously fond of some inanimate objects.  Too fond probably.  Long association with a non-sentient - some may say soulless - thing can forge an intimate bond and I am sometimes stupidly upset by its loss. Affection for my childhood collection of Biggles books needs no explanation - obviously - but take The Priory's … Continue reading My Old Wheelbarrow


Waiting For Snow

It has been a terribly long wait since The Priory had snow enough to show and tell: a five-year wait.  The Beast from the East didn't bring huge amounts of snow to my corner of Sussex; but if we were spared the havoc meted out to parts of the Kingdom, we had sufficient for me … Continue reading Waiting For Snow

Win Tickets to the Ascot Spring Garden Show 2018

It's about time I offered a give-away, I think.  So, in a bizarre coincidence, here is one. April will see the launch of the brand new Ascot Spring Garden Show.  Aimed at keen gardeners and plants people, Ascot will be an annual horticultural event held at the famous racecourse, in association with The Savill Garden … Continue reading Win Tickets to the Ascot Spring Garden Show 2018

Gardening Mistakes, Foolishness And Falling Over

The path of every gardener is strewn with mistake cowpats and beset by not-knowing-any-better-trip-wires.  Or at least mine is.  Here's a handful which I've 'enjoyed' over the years. Rushing about during a chaotic house move, I grabbed an old bucket of water to pour on a much-loved and very thirsty, container-grown bamboo.  It was only … Continue reading Gardening Mistakes, Foolishness And Falling Over

Greyer Hair, Whiter Finger

One good thing about growing older is ..... nope, I'm struggling.  One thing about growing older is that the physical graft of professional, full-time gardening becomes harder.  An obvious insight but one I mention nevertheless as it has become increasingly noticeable during my working day.  My back aches more than it used to, my joints … Continue reading Greyer Hair, Whiter Finger