Cutting the Flower Meadow

Have you noticed how ubiquitous 'Wild Flower Meadows' have become?  Whether it is a small garden bed, raked over and sown with a wild flower seed mix, or an acre or more of unimproved grassland, summer meadows shimmering with native flowers and buzzing with insects are now widespread; de rigueur even.  And quite right too.  … Continue reading Cutting the Flower Meadow

Autumn Snapshots

Here's a few photos taken over the past week or two. A forbidding portal to another, darker place?  Nah, just the Priory Drive descending through the wood ... ... and down into a valley of mist and frost. Overlooking neighbouring fields. The tulip tree (right) and beech hedging on the autumnal turn. The tulip tree … Continue reading Autumn Snapshots

Priory Picture Post # 22

The Priory boat (HMS Despondent) quietly mouldering on the East Pond.

Shaving the Meadow

Last Thursday was one of the BIG JOB days at the Priory.  Like the beech and mixed-hedge cutting days (and the eat as many plums as you possibly can before feeling a little bit very sick day), mowing the meadow usually takes at least a whole day and must be planned in advance.  It is … Continue reading Shaving the Meadow