An Interview With Lawnmowers Direct

Here's a very quick post (during my not very stringently, self-enforced break from blogging) to mention a recent interview. I wouldn't normally devote a whole blog-post simply to highlight me having a chat (though the opportunity to chat to anyone is personally quite exciting) but I thought James, the interviewer, posed some good, thoughtful questions.  … Continue reading An Interview With Lawnmowers Direct

New Gardening Blogs – A Follow Up

Thank you to everyone who helped in my call to find New Gardening Blogs.  Frankly, I wasn't expecting much of a response and so the flood of replies took me by surprise - overwhelmed me, actually.  I've spent virtually all of my limited Allotted Blogging Time responding to comments and emails; visiting each of the … Continue reading New Gardening Blogs – A Follow Up

New Gardening Blogs

I remember - only too well - the reaction when I launched my blog six years ago. I was a bit bored, fancied a challenge and on a whim decided I'd try writing a blog.  I spent long hours reading other gardening blogs; learning how to use Blogger (my first blogging platform); picking a look; … Continue reading New Gardening Blogs

Sharing Pictures

Occasionally, someone gets in touch to ask whether they can reproduce one of my photographs.  Most commonly it is to illustrate an article on their website and they want a high definition photo without my © watermark and so long as I'm otherwise credited, I've always agreed.  Free publicity and all that.  Asking for a … Continue reading Sharing Pictures

A Blogger’s Dilemma 

On Monday evening a freelance producer sent me an email.  He's working on a new series of gardening pod-casts for 'The Sun' newspaper's website and invited me to take part in a filmed telephone interview with the series presenter, a well-known media gardener.  It sounded jolly: a five or ten minute chat about winter gardening … Continue reading A Blogger’s Dilemma