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Occasionally, someone gets in touch to ask whether they can reproduce one of my photographs.  Most commonly it is to illustrate an article on their website and they want a high definition photo without my © watermark and so long as I’m otherwise credited, I’ve always agreed.  Free publicity and all that.  Asking for a copyright tag is usually the only proviso I insist on and isn’t normally a problem.  Except once.  The chatty, friendly editor of a dog magazine mysteriously went quiet and disappeared after I’d twice asked him to first confirm that he would print a copyright acknowledgement.  Oh well, he didn’t get the photo – the rude oaf.

I once gave away a photo for the cover of a new book.  The image was of a calf standing on a manure pile – no, really – but as I no longer have a copy of the finished result, you’ll have to take my word for it.


Pauperhaugh Bridge

A couple of years ago, a chap wrote asking whether he could have the above picture.  His elderly mother knew Pauperhaugh Bridge, Northumberland as a child and he wanted a hi-res copy to print off as her Christmas present.  I was only too happy to help (welled up actually) and, though he asked about my prices, I sent him a non-watermarked copy free of charge.  Sigh.  I’m never going to make any money at this game, am I?  I have yet to charge for any of my photographs … a decision I might revisit if Nike or Coca Cola come knocking re a global advertising campaign.


On occasion I’ve found my photos used without consent but if they bear my watermark, I don’t mind.   I particularly liked this WEBSITE which uses the above image from my post ‘Poppies on the Downs‘ as an on-line jig-saw.  On-line jig-saw?  What a curious new world we live in.  They didn’t seek prior permission but as there’s a clear link to The Anxious Gardener and the jig-saw is watermarked, that’s fine by me.  Incidentally, this same photo has been pinned by several people on Pinterest and, cumulatively, has been re-pinned about 20 000 times; making it unquestionably my most shared image (and guiding a steady stream of visitors to my blog).


A favourite request came from Churches Together in 2014. They were producing a memorial remembrance pack marking the 100th anniversary of the Great War and, having come across the same poppy post, asked whether they too could use one of the images.


Delighted to be asked, I was proud of the result.


And finally, a few months ago, I had an enquiry from branding and graphic design company, Fusional.  Commissioned to decorate the outside of a training centre in Seaford, they wanted an image from my post, ‘A Walk from Seaford to Berwick Station’.  Intrigued, I said yes – again in exchange for a mention – and though the result is a little odd, I rather like it.  (But then it is my photo).  You can decide for yourself and see the finished building HERE.

So, no.  I haven’t made much money from my photography.  Actually, I haven’t made any money from my photography.  If that makes you tearful and, in this season of goodwill and giving, you’d like to hand over bundles of crisp twenty pound notes in exchange for any one of my images, please do get in touch.



As this is probably my last post of 2016, I’ll take the opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy, peaceful, conciliatory New Year.









39 thoughts on “Sharing Pictures

  1. I don’t often go for poppy photos, but that path through the field transported me instantly into the dizzy, cricket-singing heat of summer. Love the eclectic mix of tree decorations. Happy Christmas Dave. John

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    • The poppies were an amazing sight, John and not since repeated. Pleased you like the tree. German flea markets are the place to seek out beautiful little Christmas bits and pieces; and where I’ve stocked up on good, heavy lametta. There you go, that’s my tip of the day. Happy Christmas! Dave

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  2. I hope you have a very Happy Christmas, David. My opinion is that it shouldn’t be about the money, so I wholeheartedly approve of you sharing your photos 🙂 (Obviously it’s an entirely different matter if a corporation is going to make money out of your images, though!)

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    • You know me too well! I’ve already recorded ‘The Bishop’s Wife’ (obvs) but will seek out ‘We’re No Angels’ – thanks. Also got ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ to watch … again. Probably seen it a dozen times but not in a few years and our son hasn’t seen it yet, to my shame. Have a relaxing Christmas too, D


  3. Your photos could win awards, you know. But being a gardener, that’s where most of your passion lies, so we get to enjoy enjoy your gardens through your excellent photos. 🙂
    Best wishes for a happy holiday and abundant 2017, Dave!

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  4. The perennial dilemma. Until you’ve had a photo nicked you don’t worry muchly. Then one day you learn that a photo of yours is “out there” minus the bottom quarter of an inch. And wot’s in that bottom quarter of an inch?

    I now add the copyright notice across the middle of a photo. A certain Charles of mutual acquaintance (he’s reduced to sleeping in a converted railway carriage in a car park by the way) says it’s intrusive. But it’s effective. Just reduce the opacity % until it’s not too intrusive but damned impossible to erase.

    Nadolig llawen to you and yours. See ya next year, copyright permitting.

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    • I’ve done the watermark plastered across the image for some of Jim’s work but resisted, so far, doing the same for mine. I did once come across a photo of mine being used and as if the user had ownership. Which was the the day I started watermarking! My watermarks change with my mood – pretty large in the past, less so at the moment, possibly large again in the future and yes, across the image too maybe.

      Poor Charles. Luckily for him my New Year’s resolution is to talk to the homeless and not just sometimes avert my gaze. Bad form on my part in the past. I hope he and Anne make up soon and he’s allowed back in the house.

      Merry Christmas to you too, John. (I guessed the meaning of your Welsh but just double checked in case your were being unspeakably rude)! Dave


  5. Merry Christmas David! Loved reading and seeing your delightful photos once again. Keep up the great work and don’t be frightened to charge for sharing your images, plenty of people do! XX

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  6. My birthday walk photo on the side of the Hive, a building in the town where I’ll be based in the NY .. spooky! I’ll have to take a look. Great photos David and I love the fact that you give some away to people when it really matters. I haven’t got spare wads of cash though, sorry 🙂 x

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  7. Yet another interesting post. I sincerely hope there will be more of the same in 2017. Oh and as for your final photo, that has to be one of the prettiest trees I have ever seen. Natural and beautiful. I bet you have the odd cherished bauble somewhere on there that means a lot? Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year x

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  8. Merry Christmas David.
    Your images are lovely and I think the building looks great. I am also a little bemused by the idea of an online jigsaw. I think as long as you are happy to give your photos away with a credit to non-profit-making organisations, that is fine. I would only question if people were making money out of your work. No reason why you shouldn’t have a share of the profits too.
    I look forward to hearing more from you next year and, of course, more wonderful images.

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