An Interview With Lawnmowers Direct

Here’s a very quick post (during my not very stringently, self-enforced break from blogging) to mention a recent interview.

White Snakeshead Fritillary

White Snakeshead Fritillary (not a completely random photo if you read the interview)

I wouldn’t normally devote a whole blog-post simply to highlight me having a chat (though the opportunity to chat to anyone is personally quite exciting) but I thought James, the interviewer, posed some good, thoughtful questions.  And I enjoyed scratching my head and staring out of the window.  (I didn’t even realise the significance of his only mowing question until Jim pointed out, patiently, who the interview was for.  Evidence, were it needed, of how painfully slow on the uptake I can be).

Narcissus 'Thalia'

This, on the other hand, is a totally random photo of my favourite daff – Narcissus ‘Thalia’

The questions range quite wide and made me think long and hard.  You can read the interview – HERE.


11 thoughts on “An Interview With Lawnmowers Direct

  1. Thanks for sharing David. Some good questions there & nice use of your images. Also glad to see you are another 6 music devotee. I couldn’t get through the day without it.

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    • I love my little portable DAB radio. It’d about 8 years old, sounds far too tinny, is quite scuffed and dirty, the aerial has been replaced but the new one is now bent, and I couldn’t be without it. Radio 4 Extra, especially the morning comedy slot, is another favourite. Dave


  2. Nice. Almost feel like I know you after reading that. And it looks like a good blog to boot. Number 184 maybe. Will have to be in June’s update tho. All the slots in May’s update are already taken. Though I’m wondering – what’s in that mug? 🙂

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    • Of course you know me, John: just a middle aged, slightly grubby gardener with a serious gin habit (which he forlornly tries to hide by drinking it out of a white tea-mug … but kids no-one. Well, except you).

      Cheers, Dave

      p.s. 200 beckons, eh? Amazing.


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