Lambs And Calves. Again.

I was going to be so strong.  Honest, I was.  I was going to resist, you see.  Resist posting yet more photos of cutesy calves and lovely lambs.  After all I've posted lots of photos of both before.  But when Margaret (the neighbouring farmer) told me that she was expecting (so to speak), it gnawed … Continue reading Lambs And Calves. Again.

"Stood a Lowly Cattle Shed"

Once a week I drive up onto the ridge above the Priory to visit Margaret. In her large, warm kitchen we have a natter, exchanging gossip about the Priory and the village, and a cup of tea.  Afterwards, I might have a nosey about the farmyard.  Go and see her chickens and guinea fowl or, … Continue reading "Stood a Lowly Cattle Shed"

New Life and Poppy’s Triumph

A while ago, Margaret (the farmer whose land surrounds most of the Priory) bought a cow in calf, and the other day, long, long after all her other calves were born we had a new arrival. He's a very handsome chap and I can't but marvel at how clean he is.  He looks like he's … Continue reading New Life and Poppy’s Triumph

Margaret’s Cows

The other day, I was enjoying a mug of Earl Grey in the greenhouse, doing a spot of watering and listening to some tip-top pop tunes on my headphones.  Singing away to myself I didn't hear that I had company.   It was only some movement, caught out of the corner of my eye,  that made … Continue reading Margaret’s Cows