The Priory In June

I will be leaving Sussex and The Priory very soon.  And if I'm excited about my future life in a different part of England, my lower lip trembles sometimes at the thought of leaving this garden; a garden in which I've spent hundreds and hundreds of my days.  (By a rough calculation, more than 1500). … Continue reading The Priory In June


I was a little disappointed that the Priory's old and established garden only boasted one clematis.  Over the last six years I have rectified that shortcoming by adding a further twenty or so and today there are almost two dozen clematis dotted about the grounds.  Here are some of them. The original Priory clematis is … Continue reading Clematis


The Priory is a grand, old Dame and I love her dearly.  But will she be rushed?  She will not; she will put on a show in her own good time - thank you very much.  Despite my whines that everybody else's gardening blog was awash with pretty flower pictures, she blithely ignored me and … Continue reading Finally

A Walk About The Priory

All that heat and all that rain has allowed the grass to romp away.  It has been growing so quickly that ideally I should've been mowing it twice a week. Some rain But that simply isn't possible given my time constraints (and indeed my energy constraints).  It does mean though that when I do mow … Continue reading A Walk About The Priory

"I’m So Excited ….

  and I just can't hide it, I'm about to lose control  and I think I like it" So now I know what the Pointer Sisters were so excited about.  Like me, they'd obviously realised that their Crambe cordifolia was about to flower for the first time.  I planted mine out last year, hoping against … Continue reading "I’m So Excited ….