A Priory Pause

I'm about to toss my blogging beret (with ostrich feather) to one side; take off my blogging smoking-jacket (burgundy with faux-ermine trim), lay down my blogging cigarette-holder (fake ivory with diamante inlay) and flick-out my blogging monocle. Yep.  Time for a break from the blogging treadmill.  At least for a while.  But before I go, … Continue reading A Priory Pause

Slug Feeder

This cool, wet "summer" has been fabulous for our slug and snail chums.  And I've learnt that I'm really good at something.   (What a relief that is).  I'm simply brilliant at feeding slugs. I can grow a constant supply of slug food;  my repeated sowings of radishes and salad leaves have been much appreciated … Continue reading Slug Feeder

Planning for the Tropical Border

In between mowing and planting and fretting, I've been cracking on with the tropical border and the two completely new beds (see - 'Busy, Busy, Busy').  I finally finished cutting the turf (on either side of the path) for the two new beds;  rock hard soil didn't make this task any easier and yep, I've … Continue reading Planning for the Tropical Border

I Will Be Master Here # 2

These Dahlia Tubers have important information that I require. When they talk, I'll cut them down.  But not before.  Not before.

A Quick Catchup

I've been painting gloss work at home; door frames galore and literally mile upon mile of skirting - or so it seems.  I've also grown increasingly annoyed, irritated and badmouthed at a new laptop.  A new laptop that  won't connect wirelessly to the net.  I've tried so many 'IT solutions' but it still won't OBEY … Continue reading A Quick Catchup