Keeping Busy, Keeping Warm

The grounds of the Priory can be a scary place when the wind gets up. Even the largest trees twist and sway alarmingly; creaking, groaning and occasionally hurling down dead branches.  Generally, I think of trees as benign stalwarts but in high winds, I keep a wary eye on them and avoid walking beneath those … Continue reading Keeping Busy, Keeping Warm

Priory Picture Post # 20

I know that I have posted photos of a grass snake before (see -  'Grass Snake') but when I noticed one today (twice the size of the one I saw last September), I was rather excited. And very pleased.  While I can't say that I approve of their diet (frogs and toads), I am only … Continue reading Priory Picture Post # 20

Snipping Amphibians …

... is, I imagine, an unpleasant experience and one I try to avoid. Common Toad - Nov 2011 The gardens at The Priory are watery.  They contain two large ponds, lots of drainage ditches and are bordered on one side by a mighty, broad river.  (Or a little brook - depending on how big you … Continue reading Snipping Amphibians …

Grass Snake

I was strimming the banks of the east pond the other day and disturbed a young grass snake (Natrix natrix).  Angrily, he reared up at me like a king cobra;  would have been pretty damn scary too - if  he'd been any bigger than six inches long.  Fearless little chap.   A little later I came … Continue reading Grass Snake