Priory Picture Post # 20

I know that I have posted photos of a grass snake before (see –  ‘Grass Snake‘) but when I noticed one today (twice the size of the one I saw last September), I was rather excited.

One of a healthy population of grass snakes (Natrix natrix) at The Priory.

And very pleased.  While I can’t say that I approve of their diet (frogs and toads), I am only too happy to have such an impressive resident in the gardens.

Though I don’t think he was quite as pleased to see me.

16 thoughts on “Priory Picture Post # 20

    • Thanks guys, and yes they are perfectly harmless and shy. But if you find them, as I did, during their early morning sun-bask they are quite slow and sluggish. Later when their blood has warmed up they can be really quite nippy! D


    • Perhaps not as cute, Jason but fascinating to watch him sunning himself in the morning sun and ‘tasting’ the air with his tongue. I thought all the holes in the banks of the east pond were inhabited by voles – obviously not. D


  1. For the first time ever I find myself wondering what it would be like to eat with a forked tongue (and a shiny purple one at that). It just seems like part of it would always get in the way. Maybe that’s the least of your worries if your diet is frogs and toads. And surely slugs? Wouldn’t a grass snake be kind enough to eat slugs for you? Your wildlife photos are always so beautifully crisp and detailed (envious sigh).


    • I could almost forgive the grass snakes eating frogs and toads (almost) if they ate slugs as well. But sadly they don’t. And I’m so pleased you haven’t got a long purple, forked tongue, Stacy. At least I hope you haven’t – it wouldn’t suit you at all. D


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