Flowering Lithops

It was only as I was damping down one of the greenhouses that I noticed the flowers. For most of the year, my lithops sit in their pots like well behaved little pebble plants or living stones (their other names). But in autumn, having spent several months doing very little, their time in the limelight … Continue reading Flowering Lithops

The New Greenhouse

In the south-eastern corner of the Priory grounds, something's been going on. Slowly, during the past few weeks, we've been growing a new cedarwood greenhouse. Buying a greenhouse during the December sales secured us a 20% discount.  But buying a greenhouse during the December sales meant having to build the thing during the balmy months … Continue reading The New Greenhouse

December …

has been either rain-sodden or bitterly cold down at the Priory. I much prefer the latter. The west pond has been frozen but Solo ... ... no longer ventures out onto it.  A couple of years ago (when this photo was taken) she ran across the ice (chasing a snowball), broke through and had to … Continue reading December …

Greenhouse Maintenance

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been readying the greenhouse for winter.  It is two and a half years old and in need of a damn good clean. Out with all the cucumber and tomato plants.  They hadn't quite finished but I needed to crack on.  The former produced a good crop this year … Continue reading Greenhouse Maintenance

September Return

September is a favourite month; in fact I'd rank it in my top twelve. The light is sharp and low and the gardens look pretty good with much still in flower.  But there is a chill in the air that promises change. It will soon be time for regular bonfires and leaf raking; time for … Continue reading September Return

Slug Feeder

This cool, wet "summer" has been fabulous for our slug and snail chums.  And I've learnt that I'm really good at something.   (What a relief that is).  I'm simply brilliant at feeding slugs. I can grow a constant supply of slug food;  my repeated sowings of radishes and salad leaves have been much appreciated … Continue reading Slug Feeder

Where’s Spring?

Early April was so hot and so sunny that I screened the south-side of the greenhouse with netting. The nine automatic wall and roof vents cool it a little but it still gets terrifically hot in there.  Of course, as soon as I finished stapling the netting into place, the sun slid behind ... ... … Continue reading Where’s Spring?