The Bedraggled Kestrel

Old, dilapidated and long overdue for renovation, The Priory garage and workshop is a magnet to birds seeking a home. Robins, blackbirds and wrens hop through holes in the rotten doors or missing window panes, to build a nest and raise chicks.  A family of robins left in the past few days and I miss … Continue reading The Bedraggled Kestrel

Swallows And The Kestrel

As buzzards will always remind me of the Priory, so kestrels will always make me think of the Old Forge. I see them hunting over the gardens and the surrounding fields almost every time I'm there. Today was no exception.  And I saw one closer than usual ... ... as he perched on the house … Continue reading Swallows And The Kestrel

Priory Picture Post # 11

When not working at the Priory, my commute to work is a drive through the South Downs National Park.   It has to be one of the loveliest of drives, through woods and fields; past flint built farmhouses and cottages and a Saxon church in a nothing-happening village; under a great arc of sky with tantalising … Continue reading Priory Picture Post # 11