Still Here, Still Gardening

Or at least, I've been gardening as much as I possibly can. It is still very, very wet here in Sussex - I can't do as much as I'd like to do.  Or need to do. When it has been dry enough, I've cut back various beds and mulched with my rather lovely, two-year old … Continue reading Still Here, Still Gardening

Sun And Leaf

Sorry for the lack of posts recently but I've been away on various short trips - Gloucestershire and Bristol, Spain and Berlin.  They have all been jolly and I've particularly enjoyed the buzz of large towns and cities - and dressing accordingly.  So a return to solitary gardening; to shabby clothes, muddy knees and damp … Continue reading Sun And Leaf

Making Leaf Mould

There are a lot of trees in the Priory gardens.  Six very big oak trees, six big weeping willows, two large ash trees, nigh on twenty alder, half a dozen hornbeam and then various fruit trees, shrubs, hedges and  specimen trees.  In addition there are trees aplenty in the surrounding fields and on the driveway … Continue reading Making Leaf Mould

Composting the Priory

I like making compost bins.  I can't seem to stop.  Stick me in a garden and before you can say, "Sticky Toffee Pudding," I'll have knocked up a range of 'bins.   Whether you want me to or not - I just keep on building them: whether at the other garden I tend; in my … Continue reading Composting the Priory